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[Request] - Crystal ACE Code for Max Stat EXP / Shiny Ivs? - Page 1

[Request] - Crystal ACE Code for Max Stat EXP / Shiny Ivs?

Posted by: Inkblot
Date: 2018-03-18 11:41:32
Hey, So I am working on setting up ACE in crystal, but it doesn't seem like there are a lot of codes for crystal at the moment. There are 2 codes I liked to use in GS that were really helpful: One that maxes out Stat Exp and DVs, and another that made pokemon shiny. I was wondering If someone could help make some codes that would do the same thing in crystal. the codes i used are as follows:

Ideally I'd like a Box name/Item code that would let me max out the stat exp for each stat while also changing the ivs to whatever i'd like. However a crystal version of the 2 codes I linked would also be very helpful as well. I don't know much about gen 1 or 2 ACE, or coding for that matter, so I can't write the code myself atm. Any help with either coming up with a new code or translating these codes would be very much appreciated!