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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Glitch cry bases - Page 1

Glitch cry bases

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2019-04-23 23:38:51

1. Play English Pokémon Crystal
2. Choose Chikorita
3. Enter XXB-119-2AE XXB-129-E6A where XX on the first code is above 0x43 (or you can use real IDs below 0x44 (first code) and equal to 0x00 (second code) for a safer genetically modified, Chikorita)
4. Listen to Chikorita's cry
5. ????

(Modifies 3C:6B11 and 6B12 or offsets 0xF2B11 and 0xF2B12)

Here are the first ten:

I haven't got codes for English Gold/Silver yet but may make them soon. :)

I'm wondering, if anyone knows if you can access that unused cry base the incorrect way this way please? (or any method of playing it for that matter). Do we also know where it is in Generation I? Not sure where it is on the disassembly. Thanks.

Edit: After a little bit of research, found this at $E91B0:

3C 7D 74 3C 86 74 3C 8F 74 3C 98 74 3C A1 74 3C AA 74 3C B3 74 3C BC 74 3C C5 74 3C CE 74 3C D7 74 3C E0 74 3C E9 74 3C F2 74 3C FB 74 3C 04 75 3C 0D 75 3C 16 75 3C 1F 75 3C 28 75 3C 31 75 3C 3A 75 3C 43 75 3C 4C 75 3C 55 75 3C 5E 75 3C 67 75 3C 70 75 3C 79 75 3C 82 75 3C 8B 75 3C 94 75 3C 9D 75 3C A6 75 3C AF 75 3C B8 75 3C C1 75 3C CA 75 3C 81 6D 3C 96 6D 3C 8A 6D 3C DE 6D 3C 9F 6D 3C C0 6D 3C 90 6D 3C A8 6D 3C B1 6D 3C B7 6D 3C C6 6D 3C CF 6D 3C 35 6E 3C D8 6D 3C 3E 6E 3C E7 6D 3C ED 6D 3C 6B 6E 3C F6 6D 3C 74 6E 3C 08 6E 3C 11 6E 3C 1A 6E 3C 23 6E 3C 2C 6E 3C 62 6E 3C 47 6E 3C 50 6E 3C 59 6E 3C FF 6D

Seems to be the pointer table to the base cry data, which goes:

3C:747D Cry_Nidoran_M
3C:7486 Cry_Nidoran_F
3C:748F Cry_Slowpoke
3C:7498 Cry_Kangaskhan
3C:74A1 Cry_Charmander
3C:74AA Cry_Grimer
3C:74B3 Cry_Voltorb
3C:74BC Cry_Muk
3C:74C5 Cry_Oddish
3C:74CE Cry_Raichu
3C:74D7 Cry_Nidoqueen
3C:74E0 Cry_Diglett
3C:74E9 Cry_Seel
3C:74F2 Cry_Drowzee
3C:74FB Cry_Pidgey
3C:7504 Cry_Bulbasaur
3C:750D Cry_Spearow
3C:7516 Cry_Rhydon
3C:751F Cry_Golem
3C:7528 Cry_Blastoise
3C:7531 Cry_Pidgeotto
3C:753A Cry_Weedle
3C:7543 Cry_Caterpie
3C:754C Cry_Ekans
3C:7555 Cry_Fearow
3C:755E Cry_Clefairy
3C:7567 Cry_Venonat
3C:7570 Cry_Lapras
3C:7579 Cry_Metapod
3C:7582 Cry_Squirtle
3C:758B Cry_Paras
3C:7594 Cry_Growlithe
3C:759D Cry_Krabby
3C:75A6 Cry_Psyduck
3C:75AF Cry_Rattata
3C:75B8 Cry_Vileplume
3C:75C1 Cry_Vulpix
3C:75CA Cry_Weepinbell
3C:6D81 Cry_Marill
3C:6D96 Cry_Spinarak
3C:6D8A Cry_Togepi
3C:6DDE Cry_Girafarig
3C:6D9F Cry_Raikou
3C:6DC0 Cry_Mareep
3C:6D90 Cry_Togetic
3C:6DA8 Cry_Hoothoot
3C:6DB1 Cry_Sentret
3C:6DB7 Cry_Slowking
3C:6DC6 Cry_Cyndaquil
3C:6DCF Cry_Chikorita
3C:6E35 Cry_Totodile
3C:6DD8 Cry_Gligar
3C:6E3E Cry_Cleffa
3C:6DE7 Cry_Slugma
3C:6DED Cry_Ledyba
3C:6E6B Cry_Entei
3C:6DF6 Cry_Wooper
3C:6E74 Cry_Mantine
3C:6E08 Cry_Typhlosion
3C:6E11 Cry_Natu
3C:6E1A Cry_Teddiursa
3C:6E23 Cry_Sunflora
3C:6E2C Cry_Ampharos
3C:6E62 Cry_Magcargo
3C:6E47 Cry_Pichu
3C:6E50 Cry_Aipom
3C:6E59 Cry_Dunsparce
3C:6DFF Cry_Donphan

So it seems like now with Game Genie, we can recreate that unused cry base at 3C:75D3 or even make our own custom cries, by modifying one of the existing cry base pointers either to ROM or RAM (arbitrary cry). Neat. ^^ But how would we simulate that with ACE with the cry data in SRAM?

Edit: I found out how to play that cry with Game Genie codes for EN Crystal, replacing Marill's cry and posted it on TCRF and YouTube:

XXB-D09-E6E (upper length value)
XXB-CF9-6EA (lower length value)
XXB-CE9-E6E (echo value)
XXB-CD9-806 (pitch value)