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Generation II Glitch Discussion

LadyKrimZen's infinite box transfer clone glitch - Page 1

LadyKrimZen's infinite box transfer clone glitch

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2019-11-29 10:58:06
From a YouTube video of a popular PokeTuber (close to Pimpnite). Later analysed partly on ProjectPokemon.

Atlamillia Wielder KrimZen
CC: @Torchickens The current PokeBank Glitch to mass clone and screw with Box 1 still remains unpatched as expected. Cloned another 30 Dittos with it. So 30 in Transport Box and 30 still in Box 5 (but tricked into thinking Box 1 had them - causing underflow integers as well)
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Evie () 🏳️🌈 (Torchickens/Chickasaurus)
Replying to @LadyKrimZen @crystal_rby
Thank you for checking it! ^^ Awesomeness. I don't know sorry [LadyKrimZen asked would appreciate if anyone from here knows overall how it works] but will ask around on GCLF. If I remember box 1 SRAM and other boxes are different SRAM banks(?) and there is a related Hall of Fame SRAM glitch that only works with moving box Pokemon not in box 1. @crystal_rby
8:50 AM - 29 Nov 2019

Thoughts? Any idea why this happens?