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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Advanced Gen Pokecenter Glitch - Page 1

Advanced Gen Pokecenter Glitch

Posted by: GARY M 9
Date: 2007-06-21 14:11:35
The pokecenter glitch on R/B/Y works on R/S/E.  The pokecenter glitch is what happens when you try to heal with no Pokemon.  You can use either WtW or these GameShark codes for R/S:

Access Fly Map (Press L+B+Up)

74000130 01BD
83004B20 AB35
74000130 01BD
83004B22 0808
74000130 01BD
83004B3E 0005

Access to All Fly Areas (besides islands and Pokemon League)

82026A56 FFFF

You don't need to walk behind the counter though and your game freeze after a while.



(I don't think this has been posted here before, I checked and it didn't look like it)