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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Glitch Pokemon beyond the sixth slot (FR/LG/E) - Page 1

Glitch Pokemon beyond the sixth slot (FR/LG/E)

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2012-08-27 13:44:47
Through use of the Pomeg glitch to send out a ?????????? while four fainted Pokemon/a Pokemon fainted through the Pomeg glitch exist in the party, the status screens of Pokemon (also ??????????s), located above/below the first/sixth slots in the party, can be viewed.

This glitch was discovered in 2011 on the Hall of Origin forums (now obsolete) by a member named Voltage.


-Have a Pokemon affected by the Pomeg glitch (~?35/X HP), four fainted Pokemon, and a Pokemon able for battle in your party (in that order).

-Enter a wild battle, and switch the Pomeg-affected Pokemon into the other, non-fainted, Pokemon. Escape from this battle without having either Pokemon faint.

-Find a PC, and deposit the Pokemon that was switched into during battle. Close the PC, and use a Potion/Super Potion/Fresh Water, etc. on the Pomeg-affected Pokemon. It will faint, and all five Pokemon in the party will now be fainted.

-Enter a battle, and ?????????? will be sent out. Do not attack. View the status screen of any of your fainted Pokemon, and scroll down to the cancel button, which will be half-lit. While on the half-lit cancel button, scroll up, and you will find hordes of ??????????s waiting for you. (After scrolling up ~150 times, the game will crash.)

-Alternatively, view the status screens of your fainted Pokemon, and scroll down just past the seventh; you will find the status screen of the wild/Trainer's Pokemon that you are currently battling.

This glitch will not work in R/S because the "half-lit cancel button" will not appear. In FR/LG, all glitch Pokemon seem to be harmless, save for the ~150th that crashes the game.

In Emerald, the very first glitch Pokemon (first up from the half-lit cancel button), which appears in the Poke Ball icon of the second Pokemon in your party, yields interesting results: viewing/exiting its status screen (though it will often cause a crash) distorts the opponent's battle sprite into a negatively colored ??????????, and creates a white rectangular graphic that appears on the opponent's HP bar.

While I don't yet have a video of the above quirk, here is an example of the glitch in action in FR/LG:

Now, the reason I've posted this thread here: I'm curious as to the mechanics behind why glitch Pokemon #1 caused these graphical alterations, and whether further glitches might result from messing with other ??????????s.

It is interesting to me that, although the actual Pokemon details of ?????????? #1 are totally random - it can be paralyzed, poisoned, caught in Dive Balls, Master Balls; it can freeze/not freeze the game - , its effects on the opponent are always the same.

Is there anything that I should know about ??????????s when experimenting with this glitch that would advance my knowledge and understanding of how to get the best results? Thanks for reading.

Re: Glitch Pokemon beyond the sixth slot (FR/LG/E)

Posted by: Glitch Hunter
Date: 2012-08-27 17:43:03
I'd imagine that since there seems to be 150 spots above the original 6 then that may account for (or at least in FR LG) the original 150 Pokemon (National Dex notwithstanding). I have yet to experiment with the "Save Abuse Glitch" (of the first Gen games, so not exactly a Link) which could cause something similar (although you don't actually have any Pokemon in the first place). Perhaps there's something with each individual "party" space which can essentially allow you to have every single first gen Pokemon in your party at one time?