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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Very specific whiting out without healing (Emerald) - Page 1

Very specific whiting out without healing (Emerald)

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2012-12-10 14:14:54
Yesterday, I picked up my Pokemon Emerald cartridge for the first time in a while to explore some stuff I did ages ago with the Pomeg glitch.

I played around with the glitch that allows the player to view Pokemon beyond the party in both directions (i.e. above the first and below the sixth). Here I am performing the glitch in LeafGreen.

(I also posted a thread about it here four months ago:,6510.0.html)

This glitch involves battling a Pokemon with only five fainted Pokemon in the party. In addition, the Pokemon that the game wishes to send out is to be found in the PC due to the process of the glitch, so the game sends out a Decamarks instead.

By sending out this Decamarks against a wild Pokemon, the following glitch can be exploited. By viewing the status screen of the first glitch Pokemon during a wild battle, the wild Pokemon's sprite will turn into a negatively-coloured Decamarks.

(Point of no importance, but of some interest to me: At this time, your current party is: Decamarks (blank) in the first slot, and 5 fainted Pokemon in the others. If you Revive a fainted Pokemon, you will send it out, but its sprite will turn to the negative Decamarks and your game will not proceed.)

Throw a Poké Ball at the negatively-coloured Decamarks (wild Pokemon in disguise). Instead of waiting until the Poké Ball has wobbled once, twice or thrice, the game will tell you the outcome of the throw immediately. Whatever the outcome, the ball will wobble until the battle is exited.

Then, if the wild Pokemon makes a move that does not cause you damage, you will white out after the move is made. (You don't have any Pokemon available for battle, remember.) However, your Pokemon will not be healed when you arrive outside the Pokemon center.

This is also the case when the glitch is performed against a trainer's Pokemon. However, on viewing the status screen of the first glitch Pokemon, the opponent's Pokemon's sprite will not turn into the negatively-coloured Decamarks.

I strongly doubt that there is any use for this glitch. I find it to be rather interesting though, and I haven't yet researched it in great detail.


Another small thing I found was that, if the wild Pokemon damages you (hitting your own - real - Decamarks), the game seems as though it has frozen (not crashed), but after a number of minutes, small glitchy graphics will appear beside both Pokemon's HP bars one by one.

After half an hour - no, I didn't sit and watch it the whole time, but I checked up on it every few minutes - the graphics stopped appearing. I know this for certain because I left my GBA on overnight afterwards to make sure no extra graphics appeared after that time (they didn't).

So, I haven't found anything major just yet, but I'm getting the feeling that I could be on my way. In any case, I've found new Pomeg stuff after a long absence from active glitching, which I'm happy about.

Re: Very specific whiting out without healing (Emerald)

Posted by: camper
Date: 2012-12-11 08:08:32
Wow. Does these new findings happen in FRLG too?

Re: Very specific whiting out without healing (Emerald)

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2012-12-11 10:12:12
It's totally possible to send out a Decamarks through the initial glitch in FR/LG, but viewing GlitchPKMN#1's status will not distort the wild Pokemon's sprite in those games.

Re: Very specific whiting out without healing (Emerald)

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2013-02-12 09:44:27
I apologise for double-posting and (I think) necro-bumping this, but it's either that or post all this crap again.

I made videos detailing what I'm talking about in the above giant post, so I might as well stick 'em here to help explain what I was rambling on about.