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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Decamark 0x0209's Glitch Type (Emerald) - Page 1

Decamark 0x0209's Glitch Type (Emerald)

Posted by: Spoink
Date: 2014-11-04 07:34:05
x0209 is a weird glitch. It is a Spoink 'hybrid' and is type Weird Glitch Type/Gray/Red Normal.

I wonder if we can take the Glitch Type Further than this. It (for now, for me) causes a game freeze, but it may(?) be useful at one point.

Re: Decamark 0x0209's Glitch Type (Emerald)

Posted by: Metarkrai
Date: 2014-11-04 08:26:46
Well, it's an usual Glitch Pokemon you have there.
Since the game reads Pokemon data by using a linear formula depending on the identifiant (adress to read = adress + identifiant*other adress), the Glitch Pokemon are a sure hit for : Glitch Sprites (usually the ? sprite with color variations), weird name (the first glitch Pokemon, after 0x19B, have their names read on moves names, which explains the general short string of letters you can see), Glitch special ability (255 possible abilities with only like 50 of them that are real special abilities, so high chances of glitch special ability), Glitch Exp progression (I had glitch pokemon requiring  0x7 / 0xF000 0000 exp points to only attain Lv 60 or so)(and by giving them Rare Candies, they skip a lot of levels like 69 -> 82)(sometimes, the game glitches when levels are gained, and I think this is because the glitch pokemon would learn a move or evolve, and the game can't handle it), bizarre Base Stats (oftenly really bad, but some 0xFF can step in giving you like 596 Attack or 711 Hp), and, as i was delaying it (because I wanted to), Glitch types.
Glitch Types are completely stable by themselves : they all hit everything with neutral damage.
However, when the games tries to find the sprite for a Glitch Type, it may freeze. The freeze only depends on the glitch type (the game will here always freeze/reset the same way, unlike for example the loading of glitch move animations).
Some Glitch Move sprites (few of them) rotate between different forms. I don't know what causes this, but I once had one that would display a loop of a dozen of type sprites and I found this pretty cool.
You can also have Glitch Types whose sprite rotates, then goes with a sprite that freezes the game. Thus, you can see the summary of your Glitch Pokemon, but only for 2 seconds, else it's a freeze.

Also, with Glitch Pokemon that doesn't have a Glitch Species Name (not a species name that overflows the name holder), the usual thing that freezes the game when looking at the summary is the Glitch Type sprites (for Pokemon type and Move types). The Special Ability, Move name, or move description can be as glitchy and long as you want, the game handles it like a pancake.
It appears that sometimes, the Pokemon sprite can be different from the ? sprite, and cause the game to freeze (It seems rare).
However, the ? sprite is always used for battle (with no color variant).

On additional notes that I could make, you can use Pomeg Glitch to alter the met Level, and set it to values higher than 100 (up to 127).
Some types are really recurrent on Glitch Pokemon, like Fly, Normal, or 0xFF types.
Some Glitch Pokemon have tremendous Base Stats. I found 1-2 of them on an Emerald Rom (I'll give the identifiants a bit later or a savestate for those who would want to test them).
The Pokemon cry might also be stored with an identifiant, since I had some Glitch Pokemon with different cries (but I'm not sure of it).
Usually, Glitch Pokemon have few Level Moves (I don't know where this is stored), and can learn few TM/HMs, as, for the same reason as Base Stats, there's no string of data in ROM that would be like FF FF FF FF (there's always a value not as high as FF between, and long FF sequences aren't that frequen too).
You can bring Glitch Pokemon to Battle Frontier without any issue, and make battle video with them.
However, Game Freak learnt its lesson on 3rd Gen, and corrected their "check" programmation a bit in 4th gen : you can't bring Glitch pokemon towards 4th gen, as well as Glitch Items. Some Glitch Pokemon show on Pal Park screen while others don't.
You can also put a Glitch Pokemon on Day Care with a Ditto (and hope they can get an offspring, or use Pomeg Glitch to corrupt the Egg PID and force an Egg to appear in Day Care), and get a Glitch Pokemon Egg. Since I don't know how evolutionary lines are programmed, I don't know if you could easily have an offspring with an identifiant different to the parent. The required number of steps being stored as a number of 256 step cycles, you'll usually have Eggs that will take more than 100*256 = 25.600 steps to hatch(up to 65.00 steps) (vs 5.000-8.000 steps for usual Pokemon) so you'll have to get on the road !

As mentioned before, battles with Glitch pokemon cause no specific issue.
However, the game can't handle a wild Glitch Pokemon appearance (this can happen if you corrupt the identifiant of the swarming pokemon, or get into a glitched battle pyramid room due to a massive RAM overflow that affected data linked to battle frontier).
You can also trigger a Lv0 roamer if you use Pomeg Glitch before beating Pokemon League by altering the roamer's PID or another value managing its presence on map. You can also revive it once you killed it by corrupting the same value as mentioned before (or another one, I'm not sure which one is for what).
With a good Pokemon Double Corruption setup, you can easily get any Glitch Pokemon with 1-2 Sketch moves, Full 31 IVs, and more than 510 EVs. Once you have the dummy prepared for one of these corruptions, you'll only have to change the value that will influence the species to use it in order to obtain different glitch Pokemon.