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Generation III Glitch Discussion

A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed - Page 1

A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed

Posted by: Cryptic_Lynx
Date: 2015-02-24 09:23:08
So, I wanted to mess with my FireRed game on an emulator, and I was browsing through a list of codes when I found this one:

The mystery battle?
If anyone wonders what is behind the boxes
at Seven Island in Leafgreen and Firered…
Use this code to find out.
82031DBC 0c18
HeHEhE you will know……

This has been edited slightly. Anyways, if you use the code and step through a warp, you will appear in a small room. Your character will walk through an NPC to an empty space and battle a Team Aqua Leader (blank) with a level 0 (I think) Decamarks. I have only tested it with no pokemon, so I have no idea what happens if you've recieved your starter.
If you battle him with your Decamarks, you will lose and exit the battle, but you won't white out. You'll walk through the edge of the room and the whole thing will loop.
If the code is deactivated after the battle, you'll exit to a place in one of the Sevii Islands where an old lady tells you that the battle was great. You can explore normally after this.

I don't remember where the code is from, but you can search the text in Google to find out. Also, feel free to test the code out yourself and correct me. I haven't got the description totally right since I don't use emulators very often anymore and this was a while ago.

So, is this a beta element or something? Something that we've never seen before? Because I have seen tons of people come here thinking that they've got a new glitch when they really haven't, and it would be awesome if I actually did.

Re: A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed

Posted by: Missingnoguy55
Date: 2015-02-24 09:32:18
The team would have been generated via an e-Reader code. Normally that area is inaccessible without an e-Reader event, and the decamarks + Team Aqua Leader are just placeholders.

The specific teams for events I have no clue about, I think Bulbapedia had something on it but I can't remember.

Re: A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed

Posted by: Cryptic_Lynx
Date: 2015-02-24 09:36:27
Oh. Dang.

Re: A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed

Posted by: SatoMew
Date: 2015-02-24 10:27:13
82031DBC 0C18 is a Codebreaker code that constantly writes 0x0C18 to address 0x2031DBC. I suppose this is for FireRed v1.0 since the offsets tend to differ in v1.1 (you can confirm this in some of my posts on the "emulation and ROM hacking" subforum).

The room you're talking about is the one which access is blocked by boxes on that house with the old lady in Quest Island/Seven Island. What I know may be incorrect but I believe it was used in the Japanese versions and required specific e-Reader cards that would unlock Trainers there, which in Japanese FireRed and LeafGreen uses Mystery Gift (in the Generation III games, the Mystery Events system only exists in Ruby, Sapphire, and Japanese Emerald, while the Mystery Gift system is exclusive to all releases of FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald).

If you want to have a grasp of how this likely worked, here's an official Japanese commercial of the Battle Cards e+ for FireRed and LeafGreen, which unlocked other Trainers in the Trainer Tower (in non-Japanese versions, these Trainers were included and they are additions, unlike in the Japanese versions which replace the old Trainer data with the new data).

Re: A strange code I found for Pokemon FireRed

Posted by: Kain
Date: 2015-02-28 23:33:11
The retail game carts came packed whit a trainer e-reader card (i still have mine 8)) though i never got an e-reader so i never used that card. There's little info of US cards out there, mainly because that accessory  was discontinued very quickly.

BTW just saying… I think it would be a good project to emulate an e-reader and messing whit it, it also could lead to some custom team Pokemon trainers e-cards. Also I'm not sure but i think e-reader cards can manipulate saves because as far i have investigated there are berry's cards and a eon ticket card which involves some serious save data manipulation for it to work.