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Odd "warp bug" to beat Pocket Monsters Emerald. Seems fake or is it? - Page 1

Odd "warp bug" to beat Pocket Monsters Emerald. Seems fake or is it?

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2015-03-09 13:48:37
The runner plays the beginning of the game as normal, but after Torchic lowers Zigzagoon's health to a yellow bar, they try to run away from the Birch battle eight times before defeating it. Afterwards when Birch asks if they want to give a nickname to Torchic, they walk around in a specific way before exiting Birch's lab and they end up in the Hall of Fame.

It was uploaded in April 2011.

They comment that your name is OK but your Trainer ID is important. They also flash Torchic's summary and the Trainer Card with two flips.

I wonder what this is? It's a Japanese Emerald "TAS" where the runner tries to escape from the Professor Birch battle eight times, then do some specific things in Birch's lab to warp to the Hall of Fame (including walking around in a certain way, menu flashing maybe to manipulate the memory address locations?). I hope it's not fake. They said that you need a specific Trainer ID, which in this video is 59368.

[spoiler]It's fake, according to the hidden run comments that are spoilered out with white-on-white text. It used a modified Emerald ROM.[/spoiler]

Edit 2: I also used A-Save to get the 59368 ID, nothing weird happened when I tried to replicate the steps.