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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Day Care Corruption Oddity - Page 1

Day Care Corruption Oddity

Posted by: GlitchedPhoenix
Date: 2017-09-13 16:34:50
So, I discovered something while screwing around with Glitzer Popping on Emerald today. After a successful Seasor corruption, I checked the Day-Care to see the damage. I got a PokeNav call while running there. What's odd was that the glitch Pokemon in the day-care had the name of the trainer who called me. I reset, and checked again. With no call, it's name was several blank spaces, followed by Bad EGG. After a few resets, I've learned this also works when viewing a Pokemon's summary, checking a bag item, calling someone who mentions their name (i.e. "Hi, <player>, it's <trainer name>"), etc., where the Day-Care man mentions the Pokemon's name, the item, and the trainer's name respectively. I don't know if this trick has been chronicled or not, but I have a video of it at

Re: Day Care Corruption Oddity

Posted by: Parzival
Date: 2017-09-14 09:06:59
These names showing up like this are due to control characters that the devs used so that they didn't have to hardcode in every possible item and trainer name, etc. for all textboxes that needed them. Instead, they made the game look up variables a textbox needed and just slot them into place. However, the variables stay in these areas used for display until they are overwritten.
This is what's going on with your Daycare 'mon's name. It's got spaces the game sees as needing things slotted into.