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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Finding/Encountering Bad Eggs without cheats? - Page 1

Finding/Encountering Bad Eggs without cheats?

Posted by: BusXDriver
Date: 2018-08-01 18:20:08
What strikes me as interesting is how uncommon it is for most people to encounter Bad Eggs without cheating; throughout many playthroughs of the Gen III Pokemon Games, Ive both gotten and encountered Bad Eggs numerous times without cheating on legitimate cartridges.

I had a Pokemon Ruby cartridge that my sister played on that really had a terrible spell of luck in terms of Bad Eggs. There were at least 2 instances I can recall where a wild pokemon was a Bad Egg, and one of the trainers in Watsons gym had a Bad Egg. I remember once I tried trading with her, and when the game crashed during the trading sequence, every single one of her pokemon turned into Bad Eggs. Nothing we did could remedy it, besides turning off the save.

In my Pokemon Sapphire cartridge, I remember one instance of simply turning on my game and seeing my party just full of Bad Eggs. In my Firered, my daycare had a Bad Egg and I never cheated once in that game.

I cheated on my Pokemon Leaf Green cartridge and interestingly never encountered a Bad Egg, only an odd save error that forced me to delete the save.

It seems that everytime I try to research Bad Eggs and why they happen, Im always met with the conclusion that cheating is always the case when it isnt a lot of the time. The anti-cheat measures in these games are extremely finicky, and Im assuming that the more physical wear the cartridge faces, the more this tends to happen. Im absolutely not remembering things wrong, Bad Eggs were stuck in my memory before I even got a hold of a gameshark years later.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Re: Finding/Encountering Bad Eggs without cheats?

Posted by: Guy
Date: 2018-08-01 18:31:22
Are you sure they were legitimate cartridges? It's not just "uncommon" for players to encounter Bad Eggs without glitches or RAM modification, it's unheard of. My bet is that one or both were either fake cartidges containing bad dumps of the ROM (something very common in Gen III) or had sustained damage such that they were playable but not in their intended state. A large amount of physical wear could be a possible reason. If you're able to dump the ROMs yourself (you just need an original DS or DS lite), I could compare them against clean ones.

Re: Finding/Encountering Bad Eggs without cheats?

Posted by: BusXDriver
Date: 2018-08-01 19:01:53
If they were not legitimate they were extremely good fakes. They had holo stickers, Nintendo on the circuit board, the whole shebang. They worked with Colosseum, XD, 4th Gen Pokemon games (IIRC 3rd Gen fakes do not work on these games unless they have the correct save type.) Of course, Im extrapolating with what I know based on memories when I was a kid, so until I find these cartidges well never know for sure. I will try my best to find them if I havent lost them, and I will dump them for you to compare.