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Generation III Glitch Discussion

Two Island NPC Glitch Questions. - Page 1

Two Island NPC Glitch Questions.

Posted by: Npo
Date: 2019-01-01 00:52:12
From reading some older post I found mentions of a glitch that can occur when talking to the NPC on Two island in FrLg. If you have a glitch pokemon with a very long species name you can cause the game to crash when talking to her. There is a similar effect when talking to the reporter in the pokemon fan club in emerald and has even been exploited to manipulate parts of ram. People have discovered the instant pomeg glitch and been able to set event flags. From very basic testing it seems that the game will crash when talking to the NPC in FrLg when you have a Pokemon with a name of around 80 characters or longer. My question is if people have done any research on this and if so have they been able to figure out why this happens, or if there is any possibility of using this to manipulate ram in a way similar to emerald?

I don't really know how to further investigate this my self, so far i have just been using VBA-M, and some memory viewers to see what I can see (I'm more used to hunting down crashes like this in GB games using BGB).

Re: Two Island NPC Glitch Questions.

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2019-01-01 11:44:41
You shouldn't use VBA-M, mGBA is much more accurate.