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Pokémon Glitch Discussion

Japanese only Pokémon glitches. - Page 1

Japanese only Pokémon glitches.

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2010-03-22 05:05:40
I thought that it would be a good idea to make a topic for discussing glitches which only exist in the Japanese Pokémon games here. We know about the Doko-Kashira Door glitch and I believe the original site documenting it (Poké notes other glitches too, but unfortunately I don't understand Japanese.

I'll try and make a list of Japanese only glitches here, I'm using Youtube as my main source because I could only understand a visual explanation, Google Translate just won't help.

Pokémon Red/Green:

Doko-Kashira door glitch: This is actually a variation of what they call 'select glitches' or item/move swap glitches, basically in the Japanese version of Pokémon Red (and Green) you could use select to swap an item with a Pokémon. This was fixed in the English version because Nintendo would acknowledge this and take that feature out. When switching items with Pokémon though its essentially like shifting variables for other bytes (because a high Pokémon 'slot' in the party will correspond to other bytes from items, to map locations and a lot more). They decided to switch Oak's Parcel with the Potion which would 'swap' the variables for a few bytes but notably make the next warp relevant to how many extra steps you take.

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire:

Surf on land: Unless I'm mistaken this only exists in the Japanese versions, a video is here and it involves the player using a bunny hop on a rock next to the water in such a way that he/she will be given the 'do you want to surf here' option on a normal piece of land.

Rock Smash animation glitch: Presumably if the player takes out the game cartridge when using Rock Smash the game will only freeze after the animation has finished, before that 'part of the background' will seem to move across the 'using move' screen

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl:

Surf through Elite Four door glitch: This is probably the most well-known Japanese exclusive Pokémon glitch and involves the player surfing through Elite Four Aaron's door and into the 'void'.

Item cloning (D/P): Give a Ditto or Pokémon with Transform any hold item, and in battle make that Ditto/other Pokémon Transform into any Pokémon. If one of your Pokémon then uses Trick or Switcheroo on the Pokémon which transformed, presuming that Ditto/ the other Pokémon does not faint at the end of the battle both Ditto and the 'Tricker' will have the same items.

Mimic glitch: A glitch concerning a Pokémon with the move Transform and a Pokémon with the move Mimic, which after copying the move Transform can transform into another Pokémon and permanently recieve that moveset at the end of the battle.

Inside another player (underground): Probably not very notable, but it involves the player being 'on top' of another player if they both exit a secret base at the same time.

Ace Trainer battle loop: Ace Trainer Deana in Route 225 - who has a level 53 Flaaffy and a level 53 Tropius if approached from three steps away will be continuously battled until the player turns the game off. The game will act as if the player was using the VS seeker.

Invisible NPC: I'm a bit sketchy about this one, but apparantly if the player decides to lead the man in Hearthome City to the contest hall one of the nearby trainers becomes invisible and can only be seen by her shadow until the man leads to player to the hall.

Re: Japanese only Pokémon glitches.

Posted by: Wa
Date: 2010-03-22 18:56:41
After some button mashing, I found that the Surfing on Land and Rock Smash Glitches do not work on Japanese Pokemon Emerald. Interestingly enough, the Surfing on Land glitch (pressing B+Down+A in that location) produced some spectacular game freezes; although most of the time it mimicked removing the cartridge, occasionally the screen would go black or an NPC would disappear. I'll check the DP glitches as soon I can find Japanese Pearl and get to the right areas (I'm not very far in the game).

Re: Japanese only Pokémon glitches.

Posted by: Petit con
Date: 2010-03-24 14:51:17
I have <blank>1 item, like most of items in my possession.

Does it influence something ?

Re: Japanese only Pokémon glitches.

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2010-03-24 15:26:29

I have <blank>1 item, like most of items in my possession.

Does it influence something ?

If you already had that item without forcing it to appear in the normal item 'slot' range yes (e.g. say you have 5 items, it wouldn't do much if you had it in slot 3 (unless there are some special 'cloaking' glitch items which hide anything else below it) but if you had it in slot 6 when you have 5 items the game would use it for something . The items you 'don't have'  can correspond to the actual coding for other bytes in the game. Notably, if you use select to switch these chunks of data almost anything can happen, the same thing applies to e.g. Pokémon 'slots' past the normal range like if you use a code to have 20 Pokémon when you only have 6.