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Pokemon Gen 1 and 2 saves with glitch Pokémon! - Page 1

Pokemon Gen 1 and 2 saves with glitch Pokémon!

Posted by: MarcinTVP8
Date: 2017-02-20 03:46:21
I just finished Pokémon Gen I and II saves containing corrupted Pokémon Data!

Package contains:

-Pokémon Red/Blue Save File name: Glitcher containing glitch Pokémon that turned into Dittos in Pokémon Stadium 2

-Pokémon Crystal Save File name: Glitcher containing corrupted Pokémon data, which has not turned into Dittos (half of them are holding something)

Don't worry about unterminated name Pokémon, its names have been shortened.

The name Glitcher does not fit into the start menu box, but it does not delete the save data.

(I used Pokémon Stadium 2 a lot to move Pokémon/boxes from/to the save)
(I used Pokémon Stadum 1 to move the glitch Pokémon to the N64 Box and check which are Substitute dolls)