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Generation IV Glitch Discussion

PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly - Page 1

PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-09-19 07:36:50
Hello there!

As you all probably know, the Tweaking Trick is a 4G glitch with many utilities. It involves moving on loading lines to generate "voids", and is rather limited in Platinum, Heartgold and Soulsilver, being most known for allowing, in Diamond and Pearl, the player to cross the void to reach Fake versions of Sinnoh that you can use to catch Shaymin and Darkrai.

While the tweaking process may cause some problems to users, the major limitation of this glitch is the time you need to reach a Fake-Sinnoh. Depending on your luck, you will be able to use your first Fake-Sinnoh to get the Pokémon you want, or you will have to continue searching for a usable Fake-Sinnoh, which can take literally forever.

A few months ago, a tweaker called Ankeraout developed a lua script for DeSmume to make all of this a piece of cake. Originally, it only worked on french games. Now, it is compatible with other european, US, and japanese games. What PATH (standing for "PRAMA's Advanced Tweaking Heaven") can do is:
- Display a joypad, your X/Y coordinates, matrix, centerpiece and map ID ; load lines on top screen ; your current position in Sinnoh on the bottom screen (which is very cool when you're in Fake-Sinnoh, when combined with the berry map)
- Automatic tweaking, accordingly to the way you need to tweak a line to generate whatever you need.
- Instant warp to any Fake-Sinnoh/Johto/Kanto of your choice, which makes the whole process useless and allows you to check a lot of Fake-Sinnoh for the ability to work with Shaymin/Darkrai in just minutes.
- Automatic steps because you're too lazy to press keys so the script will do that for you.

PATH is user-friendly but is in french, currently. This is why I post a translation of the menus here, if this helps someone.
UPDATE: PATH now includes english language. You can change to english using the menu.. I'll just let the explanations anyway.

How to run the script

Load your game, then go to Tools > Lua Scripting > New Lua Script Window > Browse. You only have to load path.lua in the archive. Stuff displays on the top screen, and you can now use the script.

Press your keyboard key assigned to the L key of the DS to display PATH's menu on the bottom screen. You can now use the keys assigned to A and B to validate and return. L again to close the menu.


Displaying stuff

"Affichage" (display) contains stuff to display:
- Joypad (speaks for itself)
- "Infos du jeu" (game informations). This displays all that I've mentioned before, and also gives you the X/Y coordinates of your current (Fake-)Sinnoh. X increases when you go East and decreases when you go West, Y increases when you go South and decreases when you go North. That means Fake-Sinnoh South-South-East is X=1 Y=2.

"Lignes de chargement" = load lines

As you can guess, "FS Map" is the option displaying your position in Fake-Sinnoh. This cannot be used in Heartgold and Soulsilver games.

Automatic tweak

You must use "Tweak automatique" for that. It then displays all the available tweaks for your loaded game and you have to choose.


SLOW and FAST indicates whether you have to be on slow bike or fast bike (using B button).
"Bas" = Down
"Haut" = Up
"Droite" = Right
"Gauche" = Left

What you need to know here is where you need to move the chunk. For example, here in Jubilife, in the standard tweak used for Shaymin and Darkrai, to move Route 203 from the upper-right corner to the upper-left corner, you need to select "(SLOW) Haut-droite -> Haut-gauche".

Warping to Fake-Regions

This ultimate time-saving option is in the "Teleportation" menu. You then have two choices:
- "Retour à la position normale" (back to normal position) brings you back to Sinnoh/Kanto/Johto.
- "Bouger d'un Fake-région ou bâtiment" (move of one Fake-Region or building) allows you to move to the next Fake-Region in a wanted direction. "Aller au Nord" means go North, "Aller au Sud" means go South, "Aller à l'Est" means go East and "Aller à l'Ouest" means go West.

You then just have to jump from Fakes to Fakes. Aside from the obvious use in getting legendaries in D/P, HG/SS voids being impossible to cross without cheating, this is a quick way to visit Fake-Kanto and Fake-Johto.

Note that from all tests I have done on french games, it seems West-West-West-South Fake-Sinnoh always has a usable location for Newmoon Island (Jubilife or a Route). It seems to be also the case of WN, WWSS, ESS, EEESS, OOSSS and OSSS as long as you have the bike and the first two badges. All other tested FS can either have a good location or not. Remember, tweaking trick is safe as long as you don't f**k up. Once you're there, don't save: just do XABB to refresh the screen, and if it DBSoD, you can restart the game and try another FS.

Programming a path to perform

The last option, "Trajet Automatic", starts the execution of a pre-registered path. To edit it, you have to edit "run.lua" using a text editor (notepad). Find this line:

Write the number of steps, then the direction, then the following instruction. E = East, N = North, S = South, O = West. Save and reload the script and use the option to start the process. PATH automatically detects walls in the void and bypass them if possible. If PATH is not able to finish exactly where it's supposed to, it will tell you.

You can stop at any time using "Arrêter" (stop).

Download link

PATH v.1.2.2
Support (french) :

Have fun!

Re: PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-09-19 13:17:55
Well, funnily enough, I was talking with Ankeraout today and knowing about this thread, he just decided to translate the menus. The new release (link in first post) includes the possibility to change the language, so it's now even easier :)

Re: PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2016-09-19 15:20:22
This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this Krys3000 and Ankeraout!  :)

Re: PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly

Posted by: SatoMew
Date: 2016-09-19 18:30:16
Wow, well done, you two! I'll definitely give it a shot ;)

Re: PATH: How to make the Tweaking Trick easily and quickly

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-09-20 11:55:46
You're welcome! Thanks to Ankeraout mostly. I've done nothing more than translating and some beta testing  :P