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Pokemon Platinum odd Pokemon behavior - Page 1

Pokemon Platinum odd Pokemon behavior

Posted by: Yeniaul
Date: 2016-10-06 17:56:39
I finally got a new R4 as my last one disappeared on one or another assignment and I restored from my last backup (6-something-2015). I loaded Platinum up and to my surprise I had an egg in the daycare. I go pick it up… and it shows on the PokeGear but not in the Pokemon menu. I go to the PC and swap the "egg" out with a legit Pokemon (the slot looked empty but I could only Switch). As I backed out of the PARTY menu the Shinx (the test PKMN)'s sprite stayed on the friggin' screen. After backing out of the PC entirely it was gone. After making an RTS save (because R4 and I'm cool like that) I hesitantly saved normally. (Yeah yeah corruption and other dangers that's what RTS is for.) Anywho, I reload and both the Shinx AND THE "EGG" are gone.

Any ideas what the fuck?