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Generation IV Glitch Discussion

Glitchfights using Amity Square RETIRE partner script - Page 1

Glitchfights using Amity Square RETIRE partner script

Posted by: Gravedigger
Date: 2017-06-02 15:27:57
As shown in the following videos, you can actually get partnerbattles (glitchbattles) using RETIRE in amity square, to get the baby pokemon following you, which is considered a partner. Then leaving the area, while still having the partner, and entering a non-player battle.

However, because we are in RETIRE we can only fight legitimate fights in the Safari Zone using the battle glitch.
There might be more outcomes of glitchbattles, and if you crash, try again and save at a pokecenter before entering the safari zone.
You actually can also enter the Safari zone the usual way, but after one fight the 'ding dong, you're out of pokeballs' script will go off, and you'll be warped back in. And as you're in RETIRE mode anyway, just use that instead to get in.

To remove the effect, remove the Amity Sqaure pokemon from your team, or go to amity square use RETIRE, select yes and walk up untill it kicks out your party pokemon. You have to use RETIRE first, otherwise you'll crash as theres no npc found to remove from the game.

This effect also has some other small side effects such as going to the route above twinleaf town causing it to give the no pokemon no enter message from your mom. If you have no pokemon other than your amity square and you pay for safari entry and die, you will end up with a fainted happiny ( or whatever you took) as your only pokemon, like as in the pomeg glitch.

My videos on how to do it if you don't understand my information above:
1) The route:
2) Actual working partner glitchbattle:
3) Some Trivia testing:
4) the only fainted pokemon, like the pomeg glitch:

If you get different result, post your thoughts and pokemon used in Amity Square down below, I'd love to see more happening.
The inspiration to try this all came from this old video, credits given where credit should be given:
Sadly N stopped posting videos quite a while ago, but that video, even though its 5 years old, gave me the idea to do without wtw.