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Very minor box sprite oddity - Page 1

Very minor box sprite oddity

Posted by: RETIRE
Date: 2018-07-30 09:27:14
I am unsure if this is known or covered but I couldn't find anything on it when searching through posts.
when scrolling boxes to the left, the wallpaper of the box you're currently looking at is incorrectly displayed in a section of the pokemon's viewing area at the left of the screen.

When moving your box to the right, no glitchy sprite appears.


This also seems to happen when changing the name of the box, but now it takes the sprite of the boxname area instead.

I was working on a different glitch I called the 'instant boxing glitch', which Charmy helped me test.
When looking at a screenshot, I randomly noticed this very minor oddity;
I believe this occurs because this area is supposed to be seethrough but messes up the updating process.