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Generation IV Glitch Discussion

Catching Shaymin in 5-10 minutes using Wrongwarps - Page 1

Catching Shaymin in 5-10 minutes using Wrongwarps

Posted by: RETIRE
Date: 2018-08-14 09:24:26
After my wrongwarp testing I came up with a lot of useful mechanics tied to it,
one of them being that you can wrongwarp to a fake sinnoh, but in the RAMsection of mapdata.

This is very useful since that means I can go to the coordinate of shaymin's area and then manipulate ram
there to change it to a jubilife. Then save resetting there allows you to get to shaymin.
Sadly from what I see darkrai won't be obtainable in the same way, since the coordinates put you very high in mapdata,
so high in fact that entering a mystery zone will even overwrite those bytes.

Edit; video showing this in action:

Requirements are:
have entered bottom floor of pokémon center
have entered contest hall
enough balls to capture shaymin

Anyway, this is the route;

1 S
17 W
14 N
415 W
save reset
380 E
Explorer Kit

If you ever done a wrongwarp before, utilise the mapscript-based route to wrongwarp instead.
If you've done it before doing the steps shown will crash your game.

If you dont have wrongwarp setup; following steps
480 N
260 E
save reset
224 W
Full speed South until wall (480 S, don't stop)
graphic reload
1 N
13 E
graphic reload
graphic reload


132 E
160 S
640 E
32 S
32 E
64 S
1 N
141 E
33 S
graphic reload
2 E
1 N
save reset

then you graphic reload, and go up to meet shaymin

I will attempt some more at a darkrai route but don't get your hopes up for that one.