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Generation VI Glitch Discussion

Trainer-Fly in ORAS - Page 1

Trainer-Fly in ORAS

Posted by: DaWoblefet
Date: 2014-12-14 08:33:06
I came across this video while shifting through my YouTube feed, and at first glance, it's only a minor glitch; if you mash X while waiting for an unbattled trainer to turn towards you, you can open the menu just as they look at you. As the video states, you can immediately back out to battle, or save, reset, and immediately battle the trainer upon the game's startup. Flying away is also pretty boring, since it goes straight to the cutscene.

However, the video did not try to use the Eon Flute to fly away, which could theoretically be accessed by registering it as a Key Item and spamming Y instead of X. Additionally, I believe using Dig and/or Escape Rope in a cave also forces you to undergo an overworld animation. Because I already defeated every Trainer that I could potentially use for this glitch, is there someone who could test this out? I seriously doubt it would amount to anything, but it'd be interesting at least.

Re: Trainer-Fly in ORAS

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2014-12-14 13:21:11
Good thing I saved a spinner. I'll try to use the Eon Flute like you said. Unfortunately I don't know if I have any spinners left in a cave (are there any?).

I think this is more like the Trainer simply not noticing you than escaping at the same time they notice you though.

Edit: Nothing noticeable happened, the "!" didn't appear even though the Trainer was facing me, and I went above Route 113 as usual. What would happen if I used Teleport? I'll try that next.
Edit 2: Teleport brought me back to Fallarbor without the "!" appearing. I walked back to the Trainer and the battle went on as normal.
Edit 3: I used the Eon Flute from the Y button this time (yes it's possible) and the same thing happened as in my first edit.

Re: Trainer-Fly in ORAS

Posted by: DaWoblefet
Date: 2014-12-14 16:00:10
Cool, thanks for checking it out for me!