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Updating Games? - Page 1

Updating Games?

Posted by: MidnightNinetales
Date: 2015-07-12 17:46:44
I haven't updated my 3DS in ages so that I can use the exploit to get glitch Pokemon in Gen 6. Unfortunately, that means I can't use the e-shop, which I need to update games that require an update to use wifi. Does anyone know if it would be possible to update a 3DS game with a friend's 3DS? And would updating X and OR stop me from using the exploit, or only 3DS updates? Also, would it be possible for Nintendo to make 3DS games that force the system to update like some Wii U games?

Re: Updating Games?

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2015-07-12 19:07:38
No; game updates are stored in internal memory.
Only 3DS updates.
If a game has a higher firmware in its update partition than you have installed, then yes, it'll force you to update before you can play it.