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Pokémon Stadium 2 - Pokédex location glitch - Page 1

Pokémon Stadium 2 - Pokédex location glitch

Posted by: Blaziken257
Date: 2012-03-29 11:10:57
So a while ago, I have come across a glitch in Pokémon Stadium 2. I was in Prof. Oak's lab with a Blue cartridge connected, and I was viewing my Pokédex. I was viewing the areas that some Pokémon can be found in, and I eventually discovered that, for some odd reason, my N64 cart assumes that I have Japanese Blue connected! That means it's showing locations from the Japanese Blue version, as opposed to the international Blue (or Japanese Green). Everything matches up with this list. Here are some examples (Pokémon that stand out are in bold):

- It says that Ekans and Arbok can't be found, but Sandshrew and Sandslash can. (This is normal; this is also true in the international Blue and the Japanese Green versions.)
- It says that Vulpix and Ninetales can't be found, but Growlithe and Arcanine can. (This is the case for all versions of Red and Japanese Blue, but not international Blue or Japanese Green!)
- It says that Mankey and Primeape can't be found, but Meowth and Persian can. (Again, this is normal.)
- It says that Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and Victreebel can't be found, but Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume can. (Again, true in all versions of Red, as well as Japanese Blue, but not international Blue or Japanese Green.)
- It says that neither Electabuzz nor Magmar can be found. This is the case in Japanese Blue, but Electabuzz can be found in Red, and Magmar can be found in Green and international Blue.
- It says that both Scyther and Pinsir can be found. This is true in Japanese Blue. However, in the international Blue, only Pinsir can be found, and in Red, only Scyther can be found.

Other less obvious examples:

- It says that Nidoran (M) and Nidorino are common, but Nidoran (F) and Nidorina are not. This is true in Red and, according to this (unfortunately, this page isn't as helpful), Japanese Blue as well, but this is reversed in international Blue/Japanese Green.
- It says that Ditto can be found in Rock Tunnel. According to this (see under the third 25/256 column), this is true in Japanese Blue, and only in Japanese Blue.
- It says that Kangaskhan and Tauros can't be found at all (it says "Area Unknown"). According to this (use Google Translate if that helps), you can only get Tauros in Japanese Blue by trading a Persian to a trainer in Route 18. According to this, in order to get Kangaskhan in Japanese Blue, you have to trade a Rhydon to a trainer in Route 11. Any time that a Pokémon can only be obtained through a trade (like Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd, etc.), it shows up as "Area Unknown."

Since this is a comprehensive list, I probably missed a few Pokémon. But I'll be sure to add to this list as I find new things! But it's clear that it thinks that I'm using Japanese Blue when I'm not. This is most likely a leftover from the Japanese version of Stadium 2 (I'm going by the English title here); the translators most likely simply forgot to change the data for the localized games. This is also proof that N64 games store the encounter data within the ROM, as opposed to reading it from the Game Boy cartridges. This glitch does not occur in the English version of Stadium 1, though, oddly enough.

I'll likely upload a video about this on YouTube eventually, but for now, here are a few screenshots. All of these are taken from an actual N64. Notice the icon of the Blue cartridge on the top-right portion of the screen!

Ditto in Rock Tunnel
Meowth, just to show that the Stadium 2 cart thinks it's Japanese Blue that I'm using (as opposed to Red)

Now I have to ask someone who has an English Blue and an English Stadium 2 a favor. The Blue cart that I have is in Spanish, and I don't have an English Blue cart. So, it's possible (although unlikely) that this glitch may be due to me connecting a Spanish Blue with an English Stadium 2 (perhaps the Stadium 2 cart thinks "It's foreign, so it must be Japanese"). I doubt this is the cause, though, since there are no other glitches I found from using my Spanish Blue cart, but just in case, if any of you have an English Blue and an English Stadium 2, can you check to see if this glitch also occurs in your game too? Thanks!