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Non-Core Game Glitch Discussion

Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Glitch [Tilt error?] - Page 1

Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Glitch [Tilt error?]

Posted by: CharizardM
Date: 2014-04-17 22:11:19
Hey there Glitch City.  First post, first thread.  Hope I don't come off as too much of an idiot.

Years and years ago I experienced a glitch in Stadium 2 that led to the majority of my Pokemon being bizarrely-colored.  My Ho-Oh was lime green and cyan, for example.  I realize now this likely occurred because my cartridge wasn't pressed in all the way on one side, which somehow messed with the pallet data for Stadium's unique nickname=color system.  That effectively makes this a tilting-related glitch than an "actual" glitch, but I thought it was worth mentioning here because I was wondering if anyone else had encountered it, or anything similar to it, before.  I've tried time and time again to recreate it but I've been unable to.

The only other instance of this glitch I'm aware of is from a less-than-stellar video on YouTube loosely documenting it– –, and even then it's not to the extent that the glitch I experienced was.  In the video it seems that only some Pokemon are affected, whereas when I dealt with it all my Pokemon had their colors altered dramatically in some way.

Actually, interestingly enough, there seems to be a comment now on the video stating the glitch isn't the result of a tilt?

All the more reason to post here, I guess.  Has anyone else encountered this?  Or could someone maybe explain what might have caused it, if not a tilted cartridge?  I've been dying to know all these years but I'm not nearly as tech-savvy as I'd like to be.  Thanks in advance, folks!

Re: Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Glitch [Tilt error?]

Posted by: CharizardM
Date: 2014-04-26 20:54:35
Sorry for the bump, but am I really so alone in having experienced this effect?

Dang, man.  D:

Re: Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Glitch [Tilt error?]

Posted by: Crystalame
Date: 2014-05-12 19:16:41
The video you posted seems like it could be this (the list of palette swaps in the mini-games) and not a glitch.

As for the lime green and cyan Ho-Oh, I'm not sure. That does sound like some kind of glitch as I'm assuming your Ho-Oh wasn't shiny (I'm not sure what the shiny Ho-Oh in Stadium 2 looks like and I doubt a nicknamed Ho-Oh would be those colors).  I'm actually a little interested in this too, and I just found that palette swap page and it reminded me of this.

Re: Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Glitch [Tilt error?]

Posted by: CharizardM
Date: 2014-05-17 14:55:54
That's what I thought at first, myself, but some of the colors present in the video aren't normal palettes, as far as I can remember, not even for shinies or nicknamed Pokemon.  I can't get it to load right now, unfortunately, so I can't pick specific examples.

I know what I experienced, at least, wasn't normal.  My Ho-Oh wasn't shiny, none of my Pokemon were.  The majority of them also weren't nicknamed.  It was really weird and I've been trying for years to make it happen again, to no avail.