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Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion

ACE Requests thread - Page 1

ACE Requests thread

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2019-06-28 13:49:17
Submit all your arbitrary code execution requests here. :)

My request:
A program that can read the contents of every ROM bank with a GUI, based on TheZZAZZGlitch's/offgao's memory editor.

Reasons: 1. It would take many pages to print the Pokémon Red disassembly, if Internet was to die or it was taken down.
2. Reverse engineering is better legal appeal than piracy - like the cheat devices before it (i.e. GameShark/Xploder cheat search trainer tools etc.).


Re: ACE Requests thread

Posted by: bwill11
Date: 2019-07-26 11:57:37
There are several ACE hex memory editors out there, but I think it would be helpful to have a super compressed one that doesn't itself require a RAM writer. If we could get one to fit in box items (or even inventory items, but that seems unlikely), it would leave way less room for error because it would be possible to actually check where you made a mistake if the program fails, and you would not have to start all over at one little mistake. My idea is that instead of being a laundry list like both offgao's and theZZAZZglitch's memory editors, it only displays and allows you to edit the contents of one address based on the quantity of a few items. For example, if you want a spore Electrode to prevent the opponent from doing anything (I used that once in a hackmons battle and I felt like a terrible person), so all you need to do is change $D173, you put Electrode in slot 1 (assuming you're using a bootstrap with any pokemon in slot 1), alter the items so it prints "$D17E:" and whatever the current value there is, change $D173 to 93, and there you have it, a Electrode with spore as its first move. This would not only be much easier to set up if you only need one value, like if all you want to do is figure out the index number of a super glitch move, but it would also in itself make it way easier for novices like me who only partially know what they're doing to set up the more complex memory editors (since with the compressed memory editor, you are working with menus that can be read instead of coordinates or step counts like other RAM writer programs I've seen.) This would probably be a lot slower, but since you would be able to read  what the addresses are, it's possible to figure out where the mistake is and not have to redo anything.

Edit- a better idea would be to make it like the hex edit function in ZZAZZ's debug hack, but you can view what the current value is too, so if that would fit in box items it would be preferred because it means there is no messing with items necessary.