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4 Teams - Page 1

4 Teams

Posted by: IttyBitty
Date: 2009-11-27 15:25:28
Just curious as to other peoples opinions on these 4 teams (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum). Three are mine; one is my brothers. And yes, I do overlap pokemon from team to team.

Team 1

Swampert Lax Lvl 100 @ Expert Belt
Attack: 249
Defense: 249
Sp. Atk: 222
Sp. Def: 193
Speed: 184

Hammer Arm
Ice Punch

Magmortar Calm Lvl 79 @ Brightpowder
Attack: 157
Defense: 125
Sp. Atk: 254
Sp. Def: 181
Speed: 151

Focus Blast

Drapion Lonely Lvl 52 @ Razor Claw (has Sniper ability)
Attack: 149
Defense: 129
Sp. Atk: 85
Sp. Def: 101
Speed: 116

Cross Poison
Ice Fang

Porygon-Z Mild Lvl 62 @ Shell Bell
Attack: 138
Defense: 102
Sp. Atk: 231
Sp. Def: 120
Speed: 149

Signal Beam
Tri Attack
Dark Pulse

Togekiss Modest Lvl 50 @ Kings Rock (Serene Grace abuse)
Attack: 63
Defense: 115
Sp. Atk: 145
Sp. Def: 132
Speed: 105

Aura Sphere
Magical Leaf
Shadow Ball
Air Slash

Gallade Quirky Lvl 50 @ Razor Claw
Attack: 151
Defense: 88
Sp. Atk: 77
Sp. Def: 147
Speed: 108

Leaf Blade
Brick Break
Night Slash
Psycho Cut

Team 2: The 50s
Gallade (same as before)
Togekiss (same as before)

Starmie Careful Lvl 50 @ Chesto Berry
Attack: 88
Defense: 106
Sp. Atk: 111
Sp. Def: 127
Speed: 135

Ice Beam

Gliscor Careful Lvl 50 @ Sky Plate
Attack: 121
Defense: 160
Sp. Atk: 55
Sp. Def: 105
Speed: 115

Night Slash
Aerial Ace
Brick Break

Magnezone Modest Lvl 50 @ Quick Claw
Attack: 84
Defense: 147
Sp. Atk: 165
Sp. Def: 115
Speed: 92

Magnet Rise
Mirror Shot
Tri Attack

Houndoom Modest Lvl 50 @ Blackglasses
Attack: 90
Defense: 83
Sp. Atk: 155
Sp. Def: 111
Speed: 127

Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball (though I really wish I had something other than Shadow Ball…)

Team 3: Doubles Team

Electivire Quirky Lvl 50 @ Magnet
Attack: 149
Defense: 103
Sp. Atk: 108
Sp. Def: 119
Speed: 123

Ice Punch
Brick Break

Dusknoir Sassy Lvl 50 @ Leftovers
Attack: 124
Defense: 169
Sp. Def: 176
Speed: 49

Double Team
Confuse Ray
Shadow Punch

Gyarados Relaxed Lvl 50 @ Wacan Berry
Attack: 143
Defense: 119
Sp. Atk: 67
Sp. Def: 122
Speed: 91

Ice Fang
Aqua Tail
Dragon Dance

Team 4: My brothers team (at his request)
Ampharos Calm Lvl 50 @ Quick Claw
Attack: 77
Defense: 97
Sp. Atk: 136
Sp. Def: 134
Speed: 80

Signal Beam
Focus Blast
Power Gem

Slaking Quiet Lvl 50 @ Leftovers (and it had Pokerus)
Attack: 196
Defense: 111
Sp. Atk: 124
Sp. Def: 80
Speed: 117

Giga Impact
Brick Break
Aerial Ace

Arcanine Quirky Lvl 50 @ Shell Bell
Attack: 132
Defense: 109
Sp. Atk: 119
Sp. Def: 105
Speed: 124

Thunder Fang
Flare Blitz

Gengar Calm Lvl 50 @ Miracle Seed
Attack: 75
Defense: 90
Sp. Atk: 150
Sp. Def: 102
Speed: 134

Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball

Kingdra Calm Lvl 50 @ Scope Lens (yes, it has Sniper)
Attack: 101
Defense: 116
Sp. Atk: 120
Sp. Def: 143
Speed: 111

Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse
Hydro Pump

Weavile Serious Lvl 50 @ Sky Plate
Attack: 151
Defense: 93
Sp. Atk: 52
Sp. Def: 112
Speed: 149

Aerial Ace
Night Slash
Brick Break
Ice Punch

…Huh. No replies; my brother sounded mildly disappointed. Anyhow, since I already have a thread of my teams here, I thought I'd pose a query I have.
I can't decide on how to raise the Arcanine I have in mind- which moveset to give it, to be precise. I'm thinking either….
Quirky nature- Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Extremespeed, Crunch
Adamant nature or plus speed minus special attack (don't have 'em all memorized, sorry)- Shell Bell- Double Edge, Flare Blitz, Thunder Fang, Crunch

I'm not sure which would work better (still Ditto hunting for that adamant nature). Anyone have an opinion?