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Bayonetta Leg gun glitch/exploit - Page 1

Bayonetta Leg gun glitch/exploit

Posted by: glitchhunter09
Date: 2015-02-06 14:09:37
This is a rather famous bug involving the Rocket Launcher weapon in the first Bayonetta, known as the Lt. Col. Kilgore.  It's deemed a glitch because the animations it does are weird and the damage output, speed, and combo points are unusually high for the Lt. Col. Kilgore.

To do this glitch in loadout A, equip Durga to your feet (works with either but the faster attack speed of lighting durga is ideal.) and any fast weapon to your hands (the best I've founds is shuraba, but it works with the Onyx Roses, Scarborough Fair, Bazillions and Durga (either version). In loadout B equip any weapon to your hands (I've noticed the results are slightly better with Shuraba but any weapon works with this)  and Lt. Col. Kilgore to your feet. In a fight, execute the following combination PPPPK while in load out A (the one with Durga equipped to your feet).

When you press the kick button at the end of this combo, Bayonetta (or Jeanne or Zero if you're playing as them) will do a flurry of kicks with the Durga. During this animation, quickly switch to loadout B. The kick animation will carry over to Loadout B and Bayonetta will fire 12 Kilgore Rockets in several directions at a speed faster than the Kilgore are normally capable of. In addition, the rockets are  presumably worth the same amount of combo points as the Lighting Durga, but do the amount of damage Kilgore rockets are supposed to do. With Durga equipped to your hands in loadout B, Bayonetta will unleash a flurry of slashes while doing a front flip forward while launching a wicked weave. This combo isn't as damaging as others with the Kilgore glitch however but it looks cool at least. Having Shuraba equipped to your hands in loadout B seems to deliver the most damage.

A variation of this glitch can be done with the Onyx Roses by having them on your feet in loadout B instead of the Kilgore. A pretty good alternative for early game actually. (since you don't get the Lt. Col. Kilgore until much later). It's not as damaging from a distance, but point blank shots do significant damage (since they are shotguns afterall.) Even so, the overall damage pales in comparison to using the Lt. Col. Kilgore for this bug/exploit.

A lot of players consider this cheating because you're using an unintended glitch to score high combo points and do tons of damage.

This bug works on every version of Bayonetta, even the recently released Wii U port.