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Mega Man legacy collection glitches - Page 1

Mega Man legacy collection glitches

Posted by: bwill11
Date: 2019-07-18 10:46:41
The Mega Man legacy collection has a challenge mode with a variety of challenges from the game. One o these is the robot rush, where you fight all the bosses from one of the games, or all of the games in the all robot rush. What's interesting about this, though, is that after the boss dies in these challenges the player is instantly warped to the next one, and on accident I found if the weapon being used is still active after Mega Man dies (I did this with MM4's Pharaoh shot, but I'm sure there are others that work too),  and the boss dies on the active weapon before Mega Man's death animation ends, the game continues and the player is warped to the next boss with 0 health. In my case I got warped to another MM4 boss and I died after one hit, but MM3 has a different glitch where by holding something down on the second controller (I don't remember what) you could escape from a pit with 0 hp and be essentially invincible, So I think if I was warped to a MM3 boss this glitch may have been able to make me invincible.

Also, there's a glitch in Mega Man 1 where you turn back and forth a lot more towards the end of the first section of Ice Man's stage (watch any Mega Man glitch compilation, it'll be there), and you get a variety of different glitchy effects. I did this on the Legacy collection for 3ds and when it crashed, it crashed hard. I had to hard reset the 3ds because the entire system was locked up. I've never seen an emulator of any type crash like this before.

Re: Mega Man legacy collection glitches

Posted by: Parzival
Date: 2019-07-18 12:42:41
The MM3 debug functions were removed from all rereleases like this one iirc