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Video Games Discussion

Chogue - Page 1


Posted by: Guy
Date: 2018-07-14 17:03:47
I overall still feel put off by the nature of browser games, but damn, this is something else. What's managed to filter through my snobbish taste and give me another excuse to binge-listen the Shiren soundtracks? See for yourself!

What is Chogue? It's in the name: a chess roguelike! Essentially, you play chess against a computer, but also advance through floors with random enemies and gain levels. Well…that's close enough, at least. It needs to take some liberties to combine the two, but it does so very well. You will actually end up in a far worse position if you try to play it like normal chess. The reason why is a bit hard to explain without trying it out for yourself; however, you should be able to figure it out fairly quickly. Essentially, there are two things to know: you advance to the next floor when one of your pieces touches the stairs, and if your king is captured, you lose.

What do you all think? Who's already been playing it? How far did you make it?