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Empathising with the lyrics of the new Smash Bros. song (thought provoking again - Page 1

Empathising with the lyrics of the new Smash Bros. song (thought provoking again

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2018-11-03 00:56:20
The new theme for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is called "Lifelight", I felt like analysing the lyrics and theme because this is what I like to do. I tend to overanalyse, and I've heard some literacy critics argue the original authors do not expect such deep meanings, but I find it fun to do so enjoy it if this is your thing. :)

As with the Fire Emblem one, these are just feelings I get from the lyrics and I don't measure or expect them to be truth.

First the title: Lifelight.

In one perspective the very existence of life could be considered as a miracle; we could be bound to a realm of endless suffering, but as the saying goes "life always finds a way"; we find light in life because society allows us to gain energy with love, food, leisure and sleep. In darker times we are blinded by suffering however, by faith (in the paradigm 'good prevails over evil') it can be argued there is always a way out of it sometimes in a way we did not imagine.

Next I will interpret the lyrics:

"Colors weave into a spire of flame": The many different characters of Super Smash Bros. have many different histories or "colors"; they have experienced their own different challenges and in that way have their own cultures. But when they got destroyed by Galeem and the Master Hand raid, it created a metaphorical overwhelmingly powerful fire. This may make you feel a sense of awe, something incredibly powerful must have been needed to wipe them all out and create that fire; but also a trait of fires is that powerful fires (a spire of flame) are energetic and do not necessarily go out easily, in one way it could be said the spirits are 'crying out from the ground'. So are they really dead? Not really, but they are transformed and later silenced as they are absorbed into the even more powerful earth.

"Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed": When I think of a distant spark, I think of the philosophy of 'self'/'other'; a distant spark may be alien to us, and this is like what happens when the sparks come from Galeem and the Master Hand raid, in that sense we don't know their past; their past in other words is "still unnamed", additionally as we live life we discover new things, because when we are naive to something we have a lot of "unknown unknowns". It could be extended to say no matter how skilled a fighter or group of fighters collectively is, something that fills you with incredible awe could still defeat you.

On the other hand the distant sparks could refer to hints of other heroes (spirits) who are like distant hints of light who together could save the day, and I could have misinterpreted this entirely.

"Bear this torch against the cold of the night": A torch as a man-made tool that gives light; every soul have their own torch (or skill) to deal and/or cope with suffering. But also, the torch as an object suggests we have to reach out for it, it's an external thing we have to actively reach out for. Maybe the spirits act as fuel to the torches.

"Search your soul and reawaken the undying light": With something so ground-breaking that many different heroes are eliminated 'just like that', this may suggest the heroes will have to do some soul-seeking, acknowledging their weaknesses and learning deeper meanings of their dreams as they team up together with the souls of other heroes. "Reawaken the undying light" may suggest that no matter how difficult things become, 'good always prevails over evil', and the heroes will succeed even though the light has faded away.

"On that day, when the sky fell away": The sky may represent freedom, which for many heroes may have became the norm, for instance, Mario is a superstar, has a lot of athletic skill, in that way he has a lot of power but when someone dies or things become difficult, we realise such things are only temporary. From another perspective, the spirit in life itself could be represented by the sky; for instance the awe found in stars of the night, and the nature of Earth with its own traits/atmosphere we have took for granted (like if we were to move to a planet void of an atmosphere we may still not have moved their in our heart).

"Our world came to an end": A doomsday for the heroes, but also death separates us from memories, all the different characters the heroes have known, culture.

"In our eyes, did a fading sun rise in the dark?": All together, the heroes while deceased have high hope that things will work out. The fading sun may represent the idea of moon representing ambiguity, coldness; but being succeeded by the warm sun which gives us wellness and meaning, or 'there is always a silver-lining no matter how bad things get', or good proceeds bad/'fall seven times stand up eight'.

"Glimmering shadows": Shadows represent darkness, but there is still a ray of hope which makes them shine.

"Silence grows, in the spaces between": Everything is oddly silent after the attack by Galeem et. al, 'like a ghost-town', and things were traumatic.

"Stretching out beyond time": All the history of the main heroes; wiped out and left as just a soul or memory.

"Rising up, as a chorus of souls find a voice": Now some of the less famous heroes get to shine as souls, and they rise up (which could also be linked to the heroes soul seeking).

"Flickering through the void": Light (or a silver lining) is very faint but it can be definitely be found. It's also kind of like quantum physics, even a vacuum has particles flickering into existence.

"These little sparks, cling on to life,": Galeem et. al's 'electrical' attack stealing lives

"Everyone caught in the struggle,": All the main heroes were affected, and everyone struggles to cope

"And then the storms of change, they fan the flames": Linking back to "colors weave into a spire of flame", a change so drastic is bound to test the limits of the heroes, so the flames become even more powerful (like the heroes being pumped with adrenaline).

"Scattering ashes to the wind": Born from the ground, they return to the ground which puts their efforts in vain, but also, because the ashes scatter it is a greater incentive for the heroes to join up together as a team.

"Every soul contains a whisper of light": There is a hint of light in the darkness even though things are tragic. While each character only has a small amount of power, when joined together they represent the light.

"Gleaming faintly as it dwindles from sight": While faith may be low from the main characters, hope is high, even though the souls are small they still shine like light, and its silver-lining.

"No escape, no greater fate to be made": It seems like the force of Galeem et. al is all consuming, and death is imminent and everything comes to an end.

"In the end, the chains of time will not break": However, history repeats itself, and as good has succeeded before, the heroes will succeed again.

"As fate spins a thread without end,": There is always a future and/or the cyclic relationship of beginning>end>beginning>end of stories, with no true beginning or end in the end. The heroes are encountering new adventures.

"New life draws its first breath,": The less famous or lesser known souls get to shine.

"Blossoming in a soil reclaimed from the past,": From past series/adventures

"where destiny holds fast,": Those characters all believe in themselves and their future, having experienced many of their own adventures

"Here where we stand, hand clenched in hand": Now everyone is joining forces

"Everyone caught in the struggle,": The threat of Galeem et. al is so great, that it is a challenge for every hero

"This is the day we finally find our way": Together, they can again overcome their challenges

"Stepping into our tomorrow": And regain their futures and sense of life

"Every soul contains a whisper of light": (See above)

"Growing louder as it calls to unite": The souls are radiating energy and hope to join forces to overcome the crisis

"From the distance sings a chorus of souls": Similar to above, the small flickers of light are minor together but create a powerful 'song' when they combine and grow

"Rising slowly, stirring heat from the coals": The main heroes were defeated, but the souls are like a catalyst for them, in which when they combine together they can again overcome their challenges.

"Colors weave into a spire of flame": (See above)

"Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed": (See above)

"Bear this torch against the cold of the night": (See above)

"Light will guide you, on your way to the ultimate fight": By combining forces with the souls, the fighters to again end their war against Galeem et. al and reach freedom

In general with this song, it makes me relate with times we are helpless, but in a sense both darkness and light are a distinct factor of life; sometimes we have to forget everything we know and stick together. Sometimes we just cannot escape darkness, the ultimate test that we will eventually pass away. But whatever the case, we must hope light will always prevail over darkness and help is always there.