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The "Make Up An XDCC List" Game - Page 1

The "Make Up An XDCC List" Game

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2007-09-04 11:08:00
If ya dont know what an XDCC is… check this out.

Anyway, what we do here is just make up an xdcc list. I'll start with the header and pack 1.

(Yes I know this is pointless… [o-0])

<[HttP]-[LeeCHFroMMe]-29347> ** 0wned by Wack0 **
<[HttP]-[LeeCHFroMMe]-29347> ** 31337 Packs ** 1337 of 1337 Slots Open, Record: 1337KB/s
<[HttP]-[LeeCHFroMMe]-29347> ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 0.0KB/s, Record: 31337KB/s
<[HttP]-[LeeCHFroMMe]-29347> #1 [16MB] Pokemon.FireRed.v1.2-iND