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What IVs would you have? - Page 1

What IVs would you have?

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2009-07-19 05:32:27
For people who don't know IVs are like EVs but are random (more pseudorandom in platinum) and can't be changed by pokemon you battle, they affect the hidden power type of your pokemon and can greatly alter your stats, they also affect your personality but not nature.

You can have 0 to 31 IVs in any of the stats and you will have a personality dependant of what IVs you have  see here for help

The characteristic value is the remainder of your highest IV divided by 5 but the possible values on bulbapedia are already given.

I'll start off:

HP IVs: 7
Attack IVs: 2
Sp Attack IVs: 28
Sp Defence IVs: 10
Speed IVs: 24

Trainer Memo: Often lost in thought  (Highest 28 Sp Attack)