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Role Plays

The Dimension Portal: Merging Fictions Together (1: Pokemon and Harry Potter) - Page 1

The Dimension Portal: Merging Fictions Together (1: Pokemon and Harry Potter)

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2010-01-20 13:37:30
I remember, years ago on <some other forums>, there was a "Pokemon meets Harry Potter" RPG. I've decided I want to create one here.

Prologue: (if you haven't read the seventh Harry Potter book, this contains spoilers)
Near the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lord Voldemort "kills" Harry Potter, therefore destroying the Horcrux contained within him. Neither of them knew that doing this had a side-effect: a portal was created in the exact location in the Dark/Forbidden Forest where the spell hit, but it was not active..
Many years later, the portal gets opened – but the events happen inside a parallel reality..
One day in Viridian Forest, there was a perfectly common situation: two trainers fierce in battle at the heart of the natural maze. The force of the explosion resulting from two attacks slamming into each other is enough to open the portal where the moves hit. The portal reflects light, but you only know it is there if you look carefully; however, the two trainers saw the portal and, scared, they fled.
The role-play starts when people discover the portal..but only when they walk through it. And, funnily enough, when someone walks through it, the spot where it is changes so a victim that walked through it couldn't go back.. And, if luck is not on your side, it might re-appear on the main path of Viridian Forest..

You can choose whether to play as someone from the Harry Potter or Pokemon world: and if in the Pokemon world, whether you are a trainer or not. You can also choose if you walk through the portal or not.

Application Form:
Type: (witch/wizard/Pokemon trainer/non-Pokemon trainer)
Through the portal ?: (yes/no)
(if applicable) Pokemon: (include Glitch Pokemon if you want, if you really, really want)
(if applicable) Wand: (no, you can't have the Elder Wand)
History: (can leave blank, this is for quoting in the actual role-play itself)

MY application:
Name: Blaze
Type: Pokemon trainer
Through the portal ?: No
Pokemon: Blaziken lv100, Rayquaza lv90, hPoke (Blocky) lv55, Grovyle lv72, Mudkip lv48, Dialga lv60
History: Beaten the Elite Four in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Just visiting Kanto to see relatives but also decided to try and beat the Indigo League and use the Ditto Trick (and has succeeded at least once, as he has an hPoke, nicknamed to avoid glitchy effects)

Re: The Dimension Portal: Merging Fictions Together (1: Pokemon and Harry Potter)

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2010-01-21 10:22:22
..what, nobody's interested ?!
I was planning to start today but nobody else is in with me!!!