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What's been happening

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2007-04-27 20:06:13
You'll notice that last Wednesday, the server went down. This was a different case than usual - the machine itself was working fine, except for the fact that the driver for the network adapter stopped working.

What I did Thursday is that I tried keeping it off and rebooting it - this fixed the last server issue - however, it didn't work.

So I resorted to my last measure - I moved all the server stuff and the networking card to the desktop I used to use before my USB wireless adapter broke (I'm on my father's computer now). This computer is somewhat superior to the last - however, it is a temporary measure until I get that new server I'm saving up for.

At least now there shouldn't be any unexpected server outages.

Re: What's been happening

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2007-05-02 04:05:29
Yeah… servers which are on all the time do not like being shut down, if you were wondering Abbs :).

Re: What's been happening

Posted by: Andrew
Date: 2007-05-30 01:15:02
It was crap not having it running