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Lots of new articles

Posted by: PokemonPichu
Date: 2006-12-03 23:52:31
I feel uncomfortable about posting yet another announcement so soon after the GCL Chatroom "party" one, but I'll just tell you that there is a new announcement you should read below this if you haven't.

Pokeglitch made a ton of articles in a day (w00t), and Abwayax would yell at me if I made an announcement for each article (XD) so I'll just tell about them in one announcement, this. In the sidebar you can find two new links: Minor Glitches and GSC Duplicate Pokemon.

From now on, I will only be reporting new articles once every week, which will be on every Sunday evenings. There are more new articles being made every week now. (And the forums are dropping in activity… o_o;)

I won't list the new articles because there's already a list you can look at: Minor Glitches. Of course GSC Duplicate Pokemon isn't included in that! XD

Well, this is the end of this announcement that has a way different voice.