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The most bad@$$ anti hero - Page 1

The most bad@$$ anti hero

Posted by: tachi
Date: 2013-05-03 01:15:38
Vegeta from Dragonball Z, Shadow in the Sonic series, Bass from the Megaman Series, what do these guys have in common? They are the most overused, cliche, dark, characters with lack of personality, but make up with their strength and power. These are known as the Antiheroes, and we are going to discuss which one from any series is the most bad a$$. The only rules about the anti hero is that they have to have started as a rival or a "bad guy", helped fight alongside the main protagonist on multiple games or episodes, and still help them.

I'd say that Gig from Nis America's Soul Nomad & World Eaters, takes the cake in bad @$$ery. Gig is the master of death who had been sealed in a sword until you were chosen to wield it. Now you have a demon from a different dimension, hell bent to take over your body. Inside of you, he's pretty much useless, other than selling you items and giving you a special attack, but in his actual form, this guy has no mercy. When you fight the final boss in Soul Nomad, (Spoilers) You let Gig take over your body as your last hope. Just a cutscene later, Gig sacrifices himself and takes out the game's equal to "God" fusing with "Satan" and another powerful diety fused together. Gig reincarnates as a physical being in the end, mooching off of you and the friends you made along the game. (except he's a friend now)
In Disagea 3 and 4, he's a DLC character and packs some wicked display of attacks, magic, and plain bad @ssery.

But why is he the best? Just read some of these quotes.

okay the 3rd and 4th one don't prove my point, but they were too hilarious to leave out…