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You may know me as... - Page 2

Re: You may know me as...

Posted by: Newo
Date: 2007-04-08 06:27:18
Yeah, I discovered that MissingNo. are actually secret pokemon and if you battle Professor Oak (Who Stands behind Mewtwo if you are called OLD MAN) then do the old man trick and the old man will become Oak and catch a Mankey. You then go to Cinabar island and as soon as you surf you will battle a trainer called OLD MAN and look like Jacred. If you beat him you will cause an error like the ZZAZZ glitch but it isn't the same name and WILL DELETE ALL YOUR POKEMON then surf up and down (You will still be still on you Pokemon) you will find all various hexes of MissingNo. and they all will have GSC sprites, catch them all. You will have all GSC pokemon. These are UBER Powerful.

This is real. Honest. If you aren't called OLD MAN you will have to start again and you have to have all 151 Pokemon and all the Glitches WITHOUT CHEATS and the Playing time when you battle Oak has to be exactly 255:32.  :P

Re: You may know me as...

Posted by: flygonlover
Date: 2007-04-08 15:33:47
Yet another extremely hard to do glitch.