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Potential Goodbye. - Page 1

Potential Goodbye.

Posted by: Yuzihax
Date: 2008-02-27 18:45:49
Well, after a surprisingly ego-crushing post made by Don Watermeleon, that allowed me to realize exactly how much of an ass I actually am, I realize now that I'm a noob that hasn't changed since day one, and that I'm also a power-abusing asshole.
After some discussion, I'm just going to post a poll that'll last for about 2 days, and if people (like I expect them to) vote for me to leave, then I'll silently demote myself and leave without any word.

I know, it looks like I'm being a dramafag, and I probably am, but I do honestly feel this way and I want an honest opinion on the matter.

Re: Potential Goodbye.

Posted by: Don Watermeleon
Date: 2008-02-27 18:51:05
Personally, I wasn't all too happy with the posts you made about me, they were also quite hurting. You should understand that when you use my name in your post.

But nonetheless, when I made that post, I was fairly angry with what you had said about me. Now that I've cooled down, I realized I too was an ass, and am trying to get it deleted (stupid topic's locked). It just goes to show that you make decisions that you regret when you're angry, and I don't want that to happen to you. Fortunately, you're giving yourself 2 days to make the choice, and I'm nearly sure that when you wake up tomorrow you'll want to stay. :)

Yuzi, you're an integral part of this community, and no matter how much you say it, you're not a noob and we don't want you to leave. Please stay with us and help support the Forum, that's what we want you to do. You're putting just as large a burden on us as you are yourself, none of us want to see you go, so please, let's all calm down and be happy. As anyone would tell you here, we love you (in a friend sort of way…), so please stay with us, Yuzi.

Re: Potential Goodbye.

Posted by: Bent`
Date: 2008-02-27 21:42:55
don't go Yuzi :(

Re: Potential Goodbye.

Posted by: FooBot
Date: 2008-02-27 22:25:22
Yuzi, stay, your going emo as the sayig goes, think about it, in a day at most you'll be over this.
You cant take anything said on the interent seriously
like I can say
I'm a homocidal serial killer rapist wanted int 5 countries for over 40 murders, signature is to cut the heads off of the victims and shove them into the stomachs
and would you take that seriously?

Re: Potential Goodbye.

Posted by: RPBnimrod
Date: 2008-02-27 22:31:33

don't go Yuzi :(