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A new ?Anime? concept I am developing. - Page 1

A new ?Anime? concept I am developing.

Posted by: Hydrall
Date: 2008-03-30 20:10:17
For almost a year and a half me and my friend have worked hard, developing the story for what we hope may get a deal (Or at least an internet artist) to make an anime.

It's called ERAs, and generally centers around the characters Devron and 02 (Who is based on the one from Kirby 64). The name ERAs comes from the 4 parts' names.

Read on to see.

Many of the characters are actually from video games- In the multiverse, all is possible. Of course, this is also not too secretly based directly on Super Smash Brothers.

The basic trailer is thus: (* means working title, we can't think of anything else.)


Long ago, approximately 800 years past, a civilization ruled the planet Saamash*. The civilization called themselves the Smashians*.  The Smashians were a naturally bloodthirsty race, and, at first, a great deal of wars broke out.

To prevent worldwide destruction, the leaders of the Eight Tribes created a tournament, designed to vent the bloodlust. This worked well- Never again did a racial war threaten.

Yet soon, they made a monumental discovery. A rift in time and space, circle shaped and unstable, sat in the wilderness. Nothing could pass through, but in time, machines were developed to stabilize them.

Thus, the first Portals were made, and beyond them, other universes.

In a few years, trade opened up as dozens of these rifts opened. Despite their common appearance, all the Portals lead to Saamash?s universe. The planet itself was huge, its gravity controlled by machines in the core.

The capitol city grew huge, as billions flooded in. Peace reigned, with the physically superior Smashians keeping the peace.

Then, as the opening statement says, the Darkness came.

Beasts of evil and destruction ripped their way across Saamash, and one by one every portal was evacuated and closed.

The Smashians fought the beasts alone.

Yet the two armies were equal. For every casualty, another side?s was taken.

And so, in the end, the two races wiped one another out. That would make for a really boring story, except that one of each race survived.

The Darkness was named 02, and the Smashian?

He was named Devron.

It has been 800 years since then.