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Official Video Game Music Sharing thread - Page 1

Official Video Game Music Sharing thread

Posted by: glitchhunter09
Date: 2009-05-04 21:08:35
Hello everyone, It has been a few days since I was last on. Primarily because My computer is one the fritz again.

This thread is for sharing Video Game Music. Please note though that you can only share Music rips and unofficial OSTs Ripped from things such as Red book audio unless Abwayax says otherwise. Until then follow these rules.

I figured I'd make this thread for the hell of it. Now you can post your Video Game Music in any format you like except Wav. (i.e. VGM, MP3,WMA, SPC,  Etc.)
You can also post the whole soundtracks is bulk as long as you compress them and put them onto a downloader site such as SendSpace

Now I'll start with my rips:

To be quite honest I have several rips to share but I can't share them at the moment because I'm currently uploading a monster of a video onto Youtube.
Please do share.