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lol edrama

Posted by: Bent`
Date: 2007-08-03 00:50:05
Acmlm was a programmer who created his own board software back in the early 2000's. His forum eventually grew to be pretty large, one of the places to go for ROM hacking information. As the forum grew cluttered and used more bandwidth, posting would be disabled, the forum would become an archive, and the forum would be restarted.

Around the end of the last incarnation (earlier this year), two of the administrators got into a dispute. ||bass and Xkeeper both worked on coding the board. ||bass (the server admin) promoted a member to admin to help code the board. Xkeeper was strongly opposed to this, and when the member messed something up, Xkeeper banned him. Repeatedly. Eventually ||bass got fed up and banned Xkeeper, who (apparently) retaliated by using what little access he had left to destroy the board.

||bass restored the board from a backup, while Xkeeper (with Acmlm) formed a new forum based on the new AcmlmboardII software. ||bass renamed his board to ||board (but kept the domain), while another user, blackhole89, hosted Xkeeper's board at ||board had a filter set in place that replaced boardII's URL with its own whenever it was posted.

Eventually things settled down a bit, though the people from the separate boards generally still hated each other.

After some internal conflicts at BoardII, Xkeeper implemented a feature that replaced all usernames with "Anonymous," removed signatures, and hid user profiles. This was an attempt to stop people from judging posts based on the author rather than the content. It didn't work too well however, and BoardII became somewhat chaotic in the few days the feature was left in. Afterwards, one user made an unfavorable comment about 4chan, prompting a raid from /b/. Xkeeper put in a redirect that led them to ||board instead. ||bass posted an attention thread to the 4channers with a link to BoardII, but thanks to the already-in-place filter it simply pointed to ||board. After the raid, ||bass removed the filter.

BoardII was suddenly having problems of its own. Three coders worked on the board: Xkeeper, blackhole89 (server admin), and Acmlm (who was almost never online). Xkeeper made no secret of the fact that he disliked blackhole89's coding style, which led to some conflicts, culminating with a huge thread of people bashing each other (often with people comparing either Xkeeper or blackhole89 to the "tyrannical" ||bass). The thread ended with a mutual agreement between the two not to discuss their conflicts in public.

I'm not sure what caused the next event, but it was rather swift: blackhole89 proposed to Acmlm to remove Xkeeper's admin status, and Acmlm agreed (rumor has it that this was because Xkeeper had been modifying Milly, Acmlm's IRC bot). Xkeeper was removed from power, and a HUGE argument resulted at BoardII. blackhole89 also unbanned many ||board users from BoardII. Xkeeper (who was not banned, just de-admined) took many BoardII users with him to what had previously been his own private board, Justus League, and used a "bomb" he had coded in to disable the board. After it was restored, he still made posts on BoardII, largely consisting of complaints about blackhole89's rather lax adminstration style, and also posting snippets from the staff forum… Xkeeper had apparently hardcoded a method for himself to view the staff forum while de-admined.

As for the current status, ||board suggested merging with BoardII since Xkeeper was gone (BII refused), Xkeeper is still posting despite being physically b& (he sure put in a lot of failsafes), and BoardII just got back up from a huge hard drive crash that destroyed the Acmlmwiki and has temporarily deleted the archives.

Problems? Pfft, we don't have problems. Just the occasional flood attack and a feeling of competition with TRS. ^_^

Re: lol edrama

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2007-08-03 14:09:57
This kind of reminds me of Sonic 2 Beta for some reason.

Re: lol edrama

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2007-08-03 16:06:18
"Edrama" is very right. XD