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DELETED? - Page 1


Posted by: RPBnimrod
Date: 2007-12-28 19:33:58
I remember some of the topics and polls that I had made in the past are now gone! One of my favarites, the "Best Element" poll I made is now gone! WHAT IS HAPPENING?

ps. sorry if this is considered spam, I don't mean it to be.


Posted by: LedZeplin2
Date: 2007-12-28 19:37:52
This is no bug. They have all been moved to General Discussion. Therefore, I believe this is a pointless topic.


Posted by: RPBnimrod
Date: 2007-12-28 19:39:11
Oops! Sorry, I didn't see it. I can now see that you're right. Could someone please kindly lock this thread if I may ask?