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Notes concerning kayla/The Orange Glove, this board, etc - Page 1

Notes concerning kayla/The Orange Glove, this board, etc

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2008-08-22 21:35:01
1. Kayla has been officially renamed to The Orange Glove, because I've decided that name was cooler (and it's a gcl inside joke)
2. It will not be fully implemented until it is ready. This means whenever. Disregard all due dates.
3. The dex2.0s will not be worked on until the upgrade, nor will the List 2.0, because they would just have to be recoded to support the new software anyway
4. The Orange Glove will be available under a free software license once it's done, with instructions for usage, to allow anyone to use, modify, and redistribute it.
5. To stop people from bitching about it, this board has been LOCKED until the new upgrade. Do not use Site Suggestions, General Discussion, etc. to report bugs.
6. The legacy Admin panel will be activated later this weekend, or perhaps tonight if time permits. Admins will continue to have the phpmyadmin interface open for use in managing the 2.0 data.
7. The Orange Glove will have Admin pages for the 2.0 sections, don't worry about that

edit: if anyone asks, xparasite9's name is indeed frozen because of drama whoring. Yes, I can do that (it's mysql voodoo) :P