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Glitch collection - Page 1

Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-15 12:58:52
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there are somewhere ALL the known existing glitches somewhere listed. Mostly the Gen I glitches since they are the most. Glitch City Laboratories have too many of them but I'm not sure if it includes all of them. I can see in the forums some well explained glitches like the F8 glitch which I'm not sure if it is listed in the glitch collection. The Pokemon Wiki has many glitches as well. Does GCL include all of those?

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-10-15 13:24:57
Well, for sure GCL's wiki doesn't have a page on any existing glitch. Not even any Gen 1 glitch. It's the ultimate goal, as it's the case for PRAMA also.

But I'm almost sure every non-japanese glitch is mentionned or video-linked on this board at least once  ;)

Re: Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-15 22:17:12
Well, then when a new glitch is mentioned in this forum, why isn't it added also to GCL glitch list? :S

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: Crystal_
Date: 2015-10-16 04:15:33
No matter how hard you try, there's always going to be more glitches inside glitches that makes it impossible to list everything. It comes down to what you consider a different glitch, or just a different version of the same glitch/exploit. For example, is 8F ACE a glitch on its own, or just an extension of a more generic glitch that allows the player to get any item? Is the ZZAZZ glitch a glitch on its own, or only an extension of a more generic glitch that allows to fight against any trainer class id? Or is it an extension of the bug in the BCD calculation routines? Personally, I wouldn't say that the ZZAZZ glitch is a glitch on its own, just a exploit of at least two actual glitches. The same applies to the Mew glitch, the Cinnabar shore MissingNo/high level Pokemon glitch, and the list goes on. What everybody ends up considering a glitch is a exploit of a "lower level" bug that happens to have an interesting use. Since we can come up with "infinite" uses/exploits for the same root glitch, then there are infinite glitches.

Re: Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-16 08:47:25
I mean to list every "known" glitch. Btw, if a glitch is an extension of another major glitch, it can be considered as a "sub-glitch" of the main glitch.

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: TwilightHakuryuu
Date: 2015-10-16 18:00:40
I am personally of the same mind. Much of GCL's wiki is in a rather sad state due to the lack of tables and formatting loss during the conversion, making data gathered about glitch items and pokemon difficult to read, and in several cases, for other articles and sections of the wiki, there are links to articles that do not exist except in name. Many of the newer, fairly well-documented glitches and subglitches lack any mention whatsoever, not even a link to the forum post or location where it has been fleshed out to some degree or other.

Experimenting to find new glitches, subglitches, and exploits can be disappointing if you find something you believe to be new only to discover it has been done already.

A relatively complete list of "every 'known' glitch" would be in the best interests of everyone. That's basically what I'm saying.

Re: Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-17 01:38:56
I did make a list in an old website ( long time ago with every possible Gen I glitch that was discovered (till those days), and I was about to finish the Gen II glitch list as well, but the website went down and everything was lost. I may try to do the same in this forum as well. Now that even more glitches have been discovered it would be more interesting.

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-10-18 02:35:35
Alright, here's a list I tried to do for international Gen I (US/EU) :

Corruption methods : those are not really glitches, but can be used as entry point for many of them.
ZZAZZ Glitch
Super Glitch
Cooltrainer Corruption
Save Abuse

Major glitches
Cloning : Allows you to clone a Pokémon.
Surf on Land Glitch : Allows you to surf on a land tile.
God Mode Glitch : Allows you to be invincible thanks to the paralysis and a 2-turn move
LV68 Zapdos Glitch (TCG) : Use Lv68 Zapdos' special effect to completely glitch the game
Evolution stone bypass glitch : Allows a stone evolution without stone
Glitch City : Allows you to access an Out of Bound version of a map
Trade Center Blackout Glitch / Cable Club Escape Glitch : Allows you to replace a trainer's team with another player's.
NoClip Trick (aka Walk through walls, including the Pewter variant which doesn't work in at least french game) : Allows WTW
Glitch City RAM Manipulation / Out-of-Bounds RAM Manipulation : Allows basic RAM Manipulation through Glitch City and CUT.
Old Man Trick (and its two players variant) : Allows to encounter Pokémon using your name or another player's.
Ditto Trick (including all variants of the Trainer Escape Glitch) : Allows to encounter Pokémon using a Pokémon's Special stat
Cooltrainer Trick (including all variants : Rival's, Instant, RAM-based) : Uses Cooltrainer corruption to encounter Pokémon
Experience Underflow Glitch (including the Expanded variant) : Gets any Pokémon to reach lvl 100 from lvl 1
Trade Evolution Glitch : Allows Gen 2-only moves transfer to gen 1.
Item Underflow Glitch (including the fossil/water and overflow-triggered variants) : Allows to manipulate RAM data, and get any item
Fossil Conversion Glitch : Uses Save Abuse or Super Glitch to get any Pokémon using a Pokémon's Attack stat
Q Trick : Merges two Pokémon
LOL Glitch : Uses Super Glitch to encounter Pokémon
Water Encounter Glitch (not tested in non-english localizations) : Uses glitch items to encounter Pokémon based on last trainer fought
8F Code Execution : Allows Arbitrary Code Execution
Dokokashira Door Glitch : Allows map connection changes, and to get any item or Pokémon.
POS Code Execution : Also allows ACE, exclusive to Yellow
Map 254 Glitch (not tested in non-english localizations) : Apparently triggers some sort of not well-known corruption.

Minor glitches
Cycling road without bike : Allows to bypass the guard and access cycling road without a bike
Silph Scope bypass : Allows to do the Pokémon Tower without the Scope.
Turn a Pokémon into Ditto : Uses Mirror Move to turn an opponent Pokémon into a Ditto.
Mimic PP Overflow : Allows to give a 3 extra PP to a 5 PP move.
Pallet Town water Pokémon on grass : Allows to encounter water Pokémon on a specific grass spot.
Heal / Soft-boil locking : Allows to prevent the enemy to use healing moves.
Explosion / Self-destruct clone oversight : Allows the insta-killing of an enemy's clone without harming the player's Pokémon.
Confusion clone oversight : Allows the insta-killing of an enemy's clone by confusing it.
Suppress status-induced low stats : Allows to fix the stats malus induced by Paralysis / Burn status.
100% precision on sleep move : Allows you to launch a sleep move that will never miss, even when the enemy is already paralyzed.
Start new game with previous party : Allows to save your current party to start a new game with it.
Prevented Progress Glitch : Prevents you from getting the Pokédex and makes the game impossible to play.
No encounters in Viridian Forest : Uses specific tiles to skip Pokémon encounters on Viridian Forest.
Hooked Dragonite Glitch (doesn't work in at least french games)
Skip Pewter Gym (doesn't work in at least french games)
Defrost move forcing (not tested in non-english localizations)
Haze opponent crippling (not tested in non-english localizations)
Fire spin glitch (not tested in non-english localizations)
Vending machine glitch (not tested in non-english localizations)
Trapping sleep glitch (not tested in non-english localizations)

Not really glitches but useful way to get advantage of the game
Walk with fainted Pokémon : Save/reset every 3 steps to bypass the game's fainted Pokémon check.
Avoid death by poison : Save/reset every 3 steps to prevent the poison to faint a Pokémon.
Evolution rebirth : A fainted Pokémon which gained a level before faiting and evolves will gain some HP and live again.
Uneffective poison when you win : The poison will not affect your Pokémon if you defeat the enemy's Pokémon
Last effect of trap moves after switching : Use a trap move and switch Pokémon, the move will still affect the enemy for one last turn.
Toxic / Leech Seed shared counter : Toxic and leech seed use the same counter, meaning every time the poison's damages are increased, leech seed's damages also are.

I also made a list of minor graphic glitches, sound glitches, translation mistakes, and very minor glitches etc. in french. I won't translate it because there are too many :
This includes, for example, the Stand on a Tree glitch.

Note : I just added the missing ones, I think I have all those I've ever heard about.

Re: Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-18 10:11:58
wow, so many glitches. Many of them look unknown to me, I may need a reference or explanation for them in order to add the to the list.

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-10-18 11:08:39
I added the description for the major glitches.

I'll do also for the minors, and add references (video/text) asap  ;D

Re: Glitch collection

Date: 2015-10-18 11:22:46
awsome! Thanks dude :D

Re: Glitch collection

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-10-21 09:25:10
Added description for a few of them. Not finished yet.

But I'm sure the list is not complete because we probably still don't know the effect of some glitch items :)