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I have an idea... - Page 1

I have an idea...

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2006-12-14 09:12:05
…and it'll help to expand our GlitchDex too.

Basically, I'll post back as soon as I've found one glitch in a Pokemon game we haven't checked for glitches yet – and this'll take a while because I'd need a ROM (which I think I already have :P), and a lot of Gameshark codes for it. The reason I'm not telling you the name of the game is because somebody else may ransack my idea and get all the credit - which I do not want to happen.

And for this to all happen, I'd need a while. I'll be reporting back in… could be tonight, could be tomorrow night, could be even later.

But it'll be a Christmas present for GCL at least - more glitches.

Re: I have an idea...

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2006-12-14 22:21:08
We're already going through Red/Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold/Silver/Crystal, and Ruby/Sapphire. Fr/Lg/Em are basically the same as R/S in terms of glitches. We don't have English D/P yet.

What else is there? Mystery Dungeon?

Re: I have an idea...

Posted by: ACE91
Date: 2006-12-14 23:27:10
There's also the Pinball games, Ranger, and various other spin-offs. Not to mention Stadium, Stadium 2, Colosseum, and XD. So there are some other possibilities.

Re: I have an idea...

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2006-12-15 07:42:08
I was thinking of the TCG GBC game. I managed to get some pics of battling with Water Energy! Shame, they are on another PC so tonight I'll post them.