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Wiki Discussion

Article about Pokémon "overleveled"? - Page 1

Article about Pokémon "overleveled"?

Posted by: Addri Trainer
Date: 2019-06-07 16:18:42
I thought about create a topic to talk about this. Months ago, I saw that in the wiki there isn't an article which talk about the Pokémon over level 100, being an interesant fact in the generation I games (I think that there can't be Pokémon overleveled in other generations). So, I thought in create a topic in the wiki discussion to discuss about creating an article which talk about the Pokémon level +100 (explanation, how it is possible, why exactly to level 255, almost all known techniques to get Pokémon overleveled (Mew Trick, Old man glitch, Pikachu off-screen glitch, ZZAZZ glitch… with links to their respectives articles in GCL as a references) and even the maximum stats of those Pokémon at his maximum level and if them learn attacks in 101-255.

This as first premise. What do you think? Do you consider in create an article about Pokémon overleveled? Thanks!  :D

Re: Article about Pokémon "overleveled"?

Posted by: Sherkel
Date: 2019-06-07 17:11:43
I don't think it's important enough. All that there is to know is that the maximum level is defined internally as 100 but that through glitches, the level of a wild Pokémon can be above that or that an existing one can be modified directly.