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The Elite(Halo) - Page 1

The Elite(Halo)

Posted by: Kabutops M
Date: 2007-04-04 22:19:01
This is one of my first fan-fictions, so I'll give it a try…..
If any confusion, check the Halopedia
Leave a reply plz! ;D

Chapter 1: Introduction
In years after The Covenant Cival War, a Sangheili was busy training for yet another battle with the Jiralhanae, or better known as Brutes. Ksag 'Rudumee along with his companions dreamed of the day they would conquer the Brutes.
Unggoys, or Grunts as commonly known, Lekgolos, or Hunters, were also supporting their superiors in aid. The most looked onto Grunt and Hunter were Jawex and Kosik Lavi Rasu. They were the most trained and commanded groups of assault teams upon enemies of all sorts. Brutes, Flood, or Humans alike. "Ksag! We got trasmissions from Jiralhanae baddies!" shouted Jawex. It said: "Stop your foolish acts. If continued we'll show no mercy!" Ksag scoffed. "A usaul thing they say to us…." thought Ksag. Tommorow, Ksag planned to set an annoucement. Jawex suddenly yelled, "Look, Demons!" SPARTANS came right to them in Warthogs, Mongooses, and Scorpians alike. They stopped, as if they were taking aim. A human jumps out of a Warthog. A fancy captain, as if they weren't.
He walked toward base camp. Hunters took to offensive stance. Grunts took out weapons. "Who's the commander here?" the captain asked. Jawex blurted, "He! Ksag! He's in the golden armor." Ksag's heart was pounding. Jawex was talking to the captain about him. "SHUT UP!" Ksag finally got to say. Everyone stopped. Jawex was about to be in a world of hurt.

Chapter 2: The Temporary Truce
"What the…." whispered a SPARTAN soldier. Ksag was about to calm down. "Jawex meet me back inside." Jawex was worried. Kosik almost felt pity for the Grunt. Almost. Jawex nervously said, "Sorry, Ksag. Me have that problem. Me very sorry…." Ksag was the type of Elite who is the one to easily forgive. "Look here. Jawex, you make that mistake again, you're are punished." Jawex was confused. "Punished by what?" "No training priveledges." Jawex was stunned. Training and battling was all he lived for. Ksag also said he was teaching new battle techniques. He was doomed for sure. Ksag exited the tent and talked with the captain. "What do you want?" asked Ksag. The captain replied, "A temporary truce," Ksag was stunned. The only humans to team up with Elites and their troops were a human named A.J Johnson and the "Master Chief". Prophets once told him, "Never work with the human scum. It's unhealthy for the Covenant." But since they were Covenant Sepratists, it was somewhat valid. Ksag answered, "OK, what's the catch?" The captain simply replied, "Nothing," "What do we get?" Ksag asked. "Extra troops, weapons, and more tactical reinforcement." We'll team up, but as you said human, temporarily…." Ksag said disdainfully.

Chapter 3: The Next Day
Ksag said, "Tommorrow we're having a meeting. We might you to help." The SPARTANS were unsure. The captain said, "Sure, but it be if the Hunters weren't there. Most of our troop are uncomfortable with them" Kosik never liked humans. He always thought they were weaker like Grunts. But, with times changing, he could get use to them. Like the Grunts. The Grunts however were completely scared out of their mind. Ksag said also, "Make sure you don't make fun of my troop. They hate that."
The Next Day
Zawex and Kosik were looking for something. Something important. Zawex said, "How us lost the keys to weapons is beyond me." Ksag was listening in. He replied, "You gave it to me remember?" Zawex chuckled softly. Kosik was in military pose silent and said, "Yes, sir." Ksag said, "You know were not in the Covenant anymore, brother. You can just call me by my name." Kosik was unsure. Ksag went outside and called for a meeting. He and the humans discussed about their first assault. It was settled. Ksag suddenly announced "Every Hunter must stay here! Grunts go underground to be safe, me and the humans are going to Brute base to weaken their forces!" Everyone cheered except for the Hunters.
Brute Base
"You never told me, Ksag, where are we?" said the captain. "We're on Beta Halo. Another Seperatist group was set around here as well. We were separated and we got lost." A SPARTAN shouted, "No one's there!" Ksag was confused. Where would they go? He suddenly realized it. "Hurry! We must get back to base!"