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Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction) - Page 1

Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2008-03-09 22:09:44
To some, yes, I'm starting with a completely different plot and story in this one. And to everyone, this story will have multiple protagonists, sometimes completely unrelated to each other, to tell my ideas of a dimension where the Earth is flat and has infinite lands and oceans.

~Chapter Zero: Introduction

Adams Bronze finally set foot on Yalahan sand in Yalaha, the deeply religious desert nation of Masialas Continent, one of the infinite continent in Flat Earth Dimension, known to most humanoids simply as Infinite Earth, after it was discovered with semi-recent technology that it stretched infinitely, or at least extremely far. But it is popular opinion that it is infinite, and that is the truth. It truly has infinite lands and oceans, infinite nations and species, infinite inhabitants.

The infinity wasn't related to Adams' purpose, however. Instead, he was traveling from Kakailia to Yalaha to acquire a Yaliasu, or "Holy Sphere" in English, for the energy crisis in his Kakailian city-state, Kaieras. He wasn't officially getting it, nobody elected him to get it, and he wasn't a leader either, but he went on the journey on his own accord.

Also, he wanted to try some of the food from Yalaha Fried Chicken, but there weren't any YFCs in Kakailia. And yet he strangely heard so much about the high-quaility chicken.

After looking around on the vast desert, he returned to his car and drove on to the capital, Yaltas. Pretty soon, the Palace of Yalaha appeared in view. He knew that he was very far away, considering it was extremely tall, and still growing.

The Queen Yalaha ordered that the palace, where generations of kings and queens lived, be high enough to reach the clouds. From there, she believed that an orcale specially trained for the task could contact Yal, where the invisble-to-humans Heaven so-calledly existed.

After a bit more than a hour of driving, he finally parked somewhat near the Palace. Yaltas appeared to Adams as a very crowded place, quite chaotic, because he lived in small city-states of Kakailia a huge part of his life.

Although, he saw the amount of stores a plus, but he couldn't imagine himself enjoying much of the food from outside booths due to there being much dust in the air.

He stuck his head out and looked up at the palace. Only his reasoning gave him courage to be near it, since the thing looked like it could topple, and it was the tallest thing he ever saw, especially because Kakailia was mostly plains with only a few small mountains.

He then came out of his car, leaving it so that he could go to a indoors restaurant and get some nourishment after the few hours of his trip. There were none immediately near, so he walked for several minutes before finding a building with a sign saying "MEAT" in all capitals on it.

Yes, Yalaha Fried Chicken is a ripoff of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but this story has multiple purposes. One is to describe theories, another is just for fun, some political, parodying, etcetc. But mostly because I have too many ideas for Flat Earth Dimension.

I'm also very lazy, however. If Chapter Zero doesn't get much good reception, then I won't be very encouraged to continue it.

And yes, I'll change the thread's title every time there's a new chapter.

Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2008-03-09 22:47:35
Might as well start writing a dictionary for it:
a = land
eras = resider of
ha = follower
iasu = sphere
ka = big
Kaieras = The birth city-state of Adams Bronze. It used to have a lot of Kakaikrases to burn and create electricity, but when the Kakaikras ran out, they basically ended up into an energy crisis.
kai = land
Kakaikras = The adapted wheat-like tall grass that covers most of Kakailia. It is oddly a great source of energy.
Kakailia = The anarchist nation where only city-states rule the land. It's the biggest nation in Masialas Continent. Reason it is anarchist is because a majority of the land have very infertile soil, only able to grow Kakaikras, and so it's harder to live there. It is mostly made up of plains, and has very few mountains, valleys, and other plants.
kras = plant
Masialas Continent = A huge continent somewhat shaped like South America.
tas = point
Yalaha = A desert nation in Masialas Continent, it only allows Yalahs to be citizens. It also hordes Yaliasus. The name is also the last name of the generations of kings and queens that ruled the nation. To preserve the name, the last name that results from a marriage depends on the person with the resulting gender to have the same gender as the current leader of Yalaha at the time.
Yalah = A person who believes in Yal.
Yalahism = The belief in Yal.
Yal = God of Yalahism, he's supposed to do god stuff like creating Flat Earth Dimension.
Yaliasu = A sphere that teleports infinite energy from an unknown place and outputs it out of its shell. There are multiple of them.
Yaltas = The capital of Yalaha.

Yes, a majority of names are made up of those short words to form them. They're of an ancient language used in Masialas Continent before English became popular there.

Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: Don Watermeleon
Date: 2008-03-10 19:06:27
What madness is this? Competition for The Final Solution?  >:(

Actually, I've been hoping another active story would come around (not that I'd exactly describe my two-week updates as "active") and I thought this story is pretty good. I might have to get used to seeing the letter "a" mean "land", but Flat Earth Deminsion looks like it has a lot of potential and I can't wait until the next chapter to really get a good feel for the story. :)

Oh yeah, and a Yal vs. Don Watermeleon fight = Epic Win!

Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2008-03-11 20:36:58
Yal vs. Don Watermeleon fight = Epic Win!

the Preeminent Wizzard from Tales of K-Blah! > both of them

Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2008-03-13 17:18:23
If he existed, he could destroy both of them just by thinking about it. XD

Although, like a god of a generic religion, he doesn't exist in Flat Earth Dimension. But the Yalahs refuse to believe that.

Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Chapter Zero: Introduction)

Posted by: Glitchby
Date: 2008-04-21 20:45:19

Yal vs. Don Watermeleon fight = Epic Win!

the Preeminent Wizzard from Tales of K-Blah! > both of them


Do I even have to say it?  Alright,

Me > All
Yes, i said it

Anyway, great story Kyouki, can't wait for Chapter 1!