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Enigma Legacy - Page 1

Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:06:21

Every story has a beginning. And as every story has a beginning, every dimension has its start. Within every dimension lies a sub-dimension where changes lie; just from taking a simple footstep, yes a footstep, you?re future is somewhat changed. Where one person in one dimension is good, in another, they could be arrested for a serious crime against humanity; where one person was rich, and in a different dimension, they were poor. This is a story that takes place on Enigma Island, an island that always existed in every time ? It was created by one person with a good cause in mind. However, in this story, it was created with evil intents. The story itself is about one man and his forgotten past?

Loud sirens blared through the air as 2 men hovered in the sky opposing a Police Helicopter. A huge gunshot came from the helicopter, aiming at one of the men. The other one protected the first man from the shot, and collapsed into the other mans arms. The other man glared at the helicopter and blew it out of the sky with an energy blast from his hands. The people on the ground scattered as the man landed on the ground. From behind a half-desecrated building, came a woman. She walks over to the man, and was told to run away, and to take the collapsed person with her. She did as she was told to and ran far away. With a fright, a person awoke, ending the dream.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:07:28
Chapter 1

The man woke up sweating hot from the dream, and checked his surroundings to make sure everything was normal again.

?Oh god? what was that?? He said while panting.

He got up, and walked down the stairs to the living room. His name was Andrew Lagatro, a 19 year old living on Enigma Island. He lived on Enigma Island for as long as he could remember. He also lived with a 16 year old female friend of his named Keri, who came to live with him when he was 15 back when he was badly injured and had no one to take care of him.

Andrew walked into the kitchen and got himself a drink, and saw Keri sitting on the couch, watching TV. She turned to him and said ?Good morning sunshine. Did you sleep well??

He rubbed his eyes and replied groggily, ?Not really? He turned and looked at her with sleepy eyes.

She tilted her head to the side: ?Want to tell me what happened? She asked him.

He shrugged and replied ?Eh, it?s all confusing to me right now. All I can remember was the pain that was going on.?

?Ok Andrew? she replied, and resumed watching TV. Andrew went back upstairs and sat at his computer desk, opened his drink, and turned his computer on, doing what he did almost everyday: working on the database for the Enigma Island Police Department.

A few months ago, a huge threat to the island called Catalya arrived. The battle ensued for a long time, but in the long run, Andrew had emerged victorious. However, it was a few months after, that Andrew received weird dreams, all about the same thing.

While working on the database, Andrew received an E-Mail from the Police Department, saying it was an urgent matter, and was needed at the department ASAP.

Andrew walked quickly down the stairs, and went into the closet to get his jacket. Before he left Keri asked him where he was going to. He replied ?Just down to the police station. I?ll be back as soon as I can?

With a soft sigh, she replied ?Ok Andrew. Be safe?

?Don?t worry, I will be? He replied, and rushed out of the house. She sighed once again, and went back to watching TV with a somewhat depressed look, and thought ?I?ll always worry about you Andrew. Ever since that day, I?ll always worry? She looked at a picture on the wall with 2 men standing there, smiling, with a young woman between them, smiling as well.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:07:48
Chapter 2

Andrew ran as fast as he could to the police station, passing through the largest city on Enigma Island, Catama City. The city was lined with Skyscrapers and has one of the biggest amusement parks. The streets bustled with crowds of people everywhere. There was never a dull moment in the city.

At the end of the running, Andrew arrived at the Police Station. A huge building with antennas everywhere, Police cars parked in all the garages, and members of the police everywhere.

He casually walked inside the building, and headed toward the elevator. On his way to the elevator, he passed tons of desks, with busy people at them. Piles of paperwork all over the desks, seemingly unorganized.

At the elevator, he pressed the button for the 5th floor, which was the Briefing Room. He walked down the hall to the room, and entered it. Upon entering, there were men gathered around a huge round desk, and a huge screen showing all of Enigma Island from a huge overlay brodcasted via satellite. Andrew also saw the Director of the Enigma Island Police, Chief Roy Davidson, the one who helped him on the Catalya situation.

"Ah, Andrew" Said Roy, "I presume you got my message?"

Andrew walks over to Roy and says in a confused voice "Whats this all about Roy? I was busy updating the database." He glanced all around, noticing the force moving around the room in a bit of a fast pace.

"It can wait. Right now, we have more serious matters to take care of." Roy declared. "We need you back on the active duty list, something came up."

Andrew, after hearing what he said, replied quickly "No way, not going to happen. I am not going back to field work. I'm much better on a computer then an assignment. Sorry, but I'm out."

Andrew started to walk out of the room, when Roy piped up saying "It's Catalya. He's alive."

Stunned and confused, he turned around and looked at Roy "What do you mean he's alive, that can't be. I killed him with my own power.. Its impossible. You were there damnit! You watched as I took the life from him!"

Roy expected this outburst, and replied "Yes, that's true. But, be that as it may, it doesn't explain this" he turns on a video of one of Enigma Islands' cities and lets it play for a few minutes, and a strange figure flies through the city.

Andrew goes closer to the screen, and rewinds it back to when the figure appears, then pauses it. "Zoom it in" he says, and the screen gets large enough to see the figure. His eyes widen at the sight of it, and stutters "I..I..It's impossible… It can't be… is he alive…" He stumbles backwards, tripping over his feet, and just rewinds the same scene over and over again.

"You can watch it as much as you like, but it wont change." Roy said to him "The fact is, he's alive, and we don't have the power to stop him. That is why we need your help."

Still shocked, Andrew replied "Just this once… But, what do I tell Keri…"

Roy told him "Tell her the truth, so she doesn't get too worried. Afterall, you wouldn't want to upset her, right?"

"Yeah.. I don't… Anyways, I'll be going now.. see ya.." He stood up, and walked out of the office, went down the elevator, and out the building, then hurried his way home thinking "There's no way I can tell her, she'd be worried worse then if I did tell her. I'll just keep it secret for now… I'll find the time to tell her later on."

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:08:04
Chapter 3

Andrew walked into the house, with a stressed look. He noticed Keri wasn?t on the couch, so she must have been up in her room, on the computer, talking to her friends on the Mainland. He sat back on the couch and watched TV for a few minutes. Keri came downstairs, a bit soaked after taking a shower, but fully dressed, and said to him. ?Well, you?re home late. You said you?d be home soon; it?s been two hours?

Unaware of the passed time, Andrew rubbed his eyes: ?It?s been that long, I hadn?t noticed. After I went to the office, I went somewhere else?

She asked, ?Want to tell me where you were for 2 hours? then looked at him with a serious face.

?Eh, I was at a restaurant getting something to eat and drink. I?m still a bit hungry, though.? He replied in a semi-monotonous tone, and still had that stressed look on his face when he turned to look at her.

Wondering what was bothering him, Keri asked ?What?s wrong Andrew, you seem a bit down.? She sat next to him on the couch and cuddled close to him.

Thinking silently to himself ?I can?t tell her what?s going on, she?d freak out.? So he replied ?Nothing, I?m fine, seriously. Just a bit tired.?

Keri sighed and said ?Ok. So, what did Chief Roy want??

Andrew replied, again, in a monotonous tone ?Not much; He?s trying to get me back out into the field again. Don?t worry; I said I?m not going back into field work ever again?

She sighed a sigh of relief: ?Good. I don?t want you back on the field after the Catalya incident. He could have killed you??

?Let?s not bring up the past? He said. ?Come on. let?s go out for dinner tonight. I?m starving? He grabbed her hand and rushed out the door, locking it behind him.

Meanwhile, in a cave, on the far side of Enigma island, a man sat and watched the night sky muttering these words ?Enigma, I will find you once again??

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:08:45
Chapter 4

Several months later, there was still no information on Catalya just that he had appeared in random locations. Andrew still hadn?t told Keri the news on Catalya, and it seemed like he worsened by the day ? having those nightmares repeatedly, he constantly overworked himself trying to find out how he survived. However, one night, that all changed?

Andrew was upstairs in his room working on the Police database, when he got an email from Chief Roy saying they spotted Catalya. He was attacking a small city near the far eastern coastline of Enigma Island. Luckily for Andrew, the house where he lived was on the eastern side, but not where Catalya was attacking. He rushed downstairs, pulled out his coat, and rushed out of the house before Keri could even ask where he was going.

?I?ll put an end to him this time? Andrew thought to himself as he jumped into the sky and started to fly through it at a fast speed. Andrew detected Catalya right away when he started to attack the city. It was a strange feeling Andrew got when Catalya used his power, he could always tell where he was, like a sort of telepathic bond.

Meanwhile, some distance behind Andrew, was someone lurking in the shadows. The person said ?I won?t let you get hurt again Andrew??

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:09:02
Chapter 5

Andrew rushed faster to where Catalya was, not slowing a bit. At the same time, the person following Andrew kept their pace.

Within a matter of moments, Andrew had closed in on Catalya?s energy source and flew as fast as he could to him. Catalya was hovering in the sky launching energy attacks from his hands at the city below. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge blast of energy was launched at him. He easily deflected it and went and back to attacking the city. Then he heard a scream from someone saying ?CATALYA!? and turned to look at who screamed; it was Andrew, who held his hand up for another attack.

?Heh, so he fell for the trap. Perfect? He thought then smirked saying ?So? You came? I?ve been waiting. These people are weaklings, I needed a real challenge.

Andrew glared at him and said ?I don?t know how you survived last time, but this time you won?t be so lucky? He charged at him and quickly pulled out his sword then sliced at him. Catalya grabbed the blade, and tossed him into the air, launching several Energy based attacks at him from his hand. With his sword, Andrew deflected them back at him with double the speed and power. The blasts collided with him, and a smoke cloud appeared.

When the cloud vanished, Catalya wasn?t there. Knowing this trick, Andrew held his blade at ready. Catalya appeared in front of him, holding his own blade, and started slicing at him with it. Andrew held Catalya back with his blade.

?I will not let you live this time Catalya? Andrew shouts, and slices his blade at him quickly. However, Catalya jumps back quick enough to dodge it.

Catalya laughed and said ?Do you really think you can harm me? You couldn?t kill me last time, what makes you think you can do it this time?? then he thrusted his sword into Andrews body. Blood gushed out of his stomach and he coughed up some blood like crazy.

Just arriving at the area was the person who was following Andrew, which happened to be Keri. She looked up in the sky and saw Catalya impale Andrew. Her eyes widened in horror. As the sword was in Andrew, a strange shadowy substance flowed into Andrew?s body, and he started to gush blood out of his mouth more. Keri screamed out Andrew?s name, which snapped him back to reality. Andrew grabbed Catalya?s sword, lifted him up into the sky while holding it, and flung him at a nearby skyscraper.

Catalya, who was badly bruised now, made a remark ?Not too bad, but my work is done. Farewell for now, brother.? And he vanished without a trace.

Andrew, who was barely conscious, thought ?Brother? what could he have meant?? Everything then started to turn dark for him, and he started to make a decent to the ground. Keri quickly ran under the falling Andrew, and caught him in her arms saying ?Oh Andrew? I shouldn?t have been so clueless to not know what was going on at first?? She then ran back to their house, holding the unconscious Andrew in her arms tightly.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:09:20
Chapter 6

Andrew was placed gently upon the couch, and Keri ran into the kitchen to get some ice. She came back to him with the ice wrapped up in a towel, and placed it over where the wound was. The wound, however, had healed since then but continued to bleed. She sat next him, watching over him, not getting up even for a second.

After about half an hour, Andrew awoke slowly, and shook his head to clear his mind. Keri saw him awaken and hugged him tightly. Andrew, who was somewhat confused, had asked ?What happened?

?You passed out smart one. Right after Catalya vanished, you just fell to the ground unconscious? she said to him in a harsh tone.

Shocked that she knew about Catalya being alive, Andrew asked ?How did you find out?I didn?t tell you ?cause I didn?t want to worry you??

She sighed and replied ?I put it all together. I?m not dumb you know. All the countless hours busy now, it just had to be Catalya. And you not telling me made me even more worried.?

?I?m sorry Keri, I guess I wasn?t thinking?? he said sadly and started to think.

She Held him close and said ?It?s ok Andrew. Don?t worry.?

Andrew was deep in thought, thinking about what Catalya said to him, and muttered aloud ?What could he have meant??

?Hmm? Keri said, wondering what he was talking about. ?What?s wrong??

Andrew looked at her and said ?Before I passed out apparently, Catalya said we?ll meet again, and he called me his brother.?
When he said that Keri?s eyes shot up in disbelief ?What did you say??

Andrew laughed and said ?He called me his brother. Like that could ever be true?

?Andrew? I think it?s time you know the truth?? Keri said while holding her head down.

He looked at her confusedly, and asked ?What do you mean, what truth??

Keri said softly ?What Catalya said is all? 100%…? she cut off for a moment.

?Finish please Keri, 100% what?? he asked regrettably.

?Its all 100%… true?? She finished then looked away, not wanting to look at his face.

??? Andrew went speechless; His mouth hung open, his eyes widened. He stared at her for a few moments before starting to speak: ?Tr?tr?true? It?s impossible. We?re nothing alike??

Keri looked back at him at said ?Not always. You two used to always be alike. But then, something happened that changed everything??

Andrew, still in shock, asked ?What do you mean Keri??

?Do you remember how you got that injury around 5 years ago?? She asked him fearing what she?d say next.

?No, not really? Andrew replied ?Why? What does it have to do with this??

Keri stared into his eyes and said ?Everything?? Andrew stared at her and tilted his head to the side wondering what she meant. She continued ?Around 5 years ago, you went off on a trip with your brother, Catalya, who?s real name is Lake Lagatro, and while you two were on that trip, something happened apparently.? She stopped for a moment, took a breath, and continued ?When you guys returned, you were both different, evil to be exact. You guys attacked cities on the Mainland for fun. You were mean to everyone?except me. I was too afraid to do anything, so I always watched helplessly behind a building. While you were evil, you made this entire island rise out of the sea, crafted it, and called it Enigma Island. Then, one day, you and Lake went to a city where you supposedly heard that there would be a huge parade, but it was a trap by the Police. I remember that day so much, it?ll never escape me. You and lake hovered in the sky, in front of the police chopper. The police launched a huge bullet at Lake, but you guarded him, and took the bullet to the head?? Andrew remembered that part from his dream, but didn?t know who the 2 people were. Keri soon continued ?You collapsed into his arms, and Lake launched a huge energy blast attack at the chopper, destroying it. He then brought you to the ground, and I came out of hiding; He told me to take you away, far away. So I did; I ran to here. No one on the island knew about Mainland events, so you were safe? And that?s everything? the truth I kept secret for 5 years??

Andrew stared dumbfounded at her, his mouth hung open, his eyes looked as if they were bulging out of his head, and he had his head hunched forward. ?That?s impossible? It can?t be? Me, attack innocent. I can?t bel-?? he was cut off when Keri shoved newspapers into his lap. He read them, and say headliners saying ?The Barrage Continues: Catalya and Enigma?s rage? And one that says ?The mysterious island ? Enigma?s hideout?? and a last that said ?Police trap half worked ? 3 dead, 1 being Enigma? His eyes couldn?t believe what he saw. He really was evil in the past.

?I?m sorry I never told you? I just couldn?t bear doing this?? Keri said while waling to her room, tears starting to streak her cheeks.

Andrew stayed on the couch for hours, staring at the newspapers, thinking ?That was who I really was??

Meanwhile, deep inside Andrews?s body, a strange purpleish substance starts to awaken and spread.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:09:48
Chapter 7

Midnight came slowly and Andrew fell asleep on the couch with the newspapers on top of him. Later that night, while he slept, he had that nightmare again? but it was different.

The Mainland was in a state of panic, people were running everywhere. Out from the sky came down Enigma and Catalya. They hovered in the sky and attacked the surrounding buildings. Suddenly, the sirens began to blare and 2 police choppers appeared.

?Hmph, what a nuisance. Enigma, how shall we dispose of these pests?? Said Catalya who was smirking.

Enigma tilted his head to the side, his black hair flowing in the wind, and said ?Lets just blow ?em all up? and held his hand out to a police chopper, then launched an energy blast at it, destroying it.

Catalya laughed crazily: ?I like that plan. Let me try? and held out his hand to a nearby skyscraper, and blew it up in a flash

The policemen in the chopper pulled out a bazooka-looking like gun, and filled it with a huge bullet-dart. ?Take aim? said the person inside the chopper. They aimed at Catalya, and fired. Enigma, acting on quick instinct to protect his younger brother, intercepted the bullet, and took it to the head. He fell into Catalya?s arms, and fell unconscious. Catalya?s eyes turned red, and he launched a two handed energy shot at the chopper, blowing it to pieces. Andrew then woke up, sweating as if the AC had broken. He looked around to make sure everything was normal. When he glanced over at the clock he saw it was 6:38 am, which is early for him, but he couldn?t get back to sleep, so he stayed up on the couch.

A few hours later, Keri woke up, and came downstairs, and noticed Andrew sitting on the couch in the same position he was in last night. She walked over to the living room and sat on the chair that was next to the couch. After a few minutes of silence, she finally got the courage to ask ?Are you ok Andrew, you look sick?? He didn?t reply. So she asked again ?Andrew, you ok?? He looked at her with pale eyes. She got up, walked over to him, and held him close: ?I?m sorry Andrew? I had to??

Andrew wrapped his arms around her slowly and said ?I needed to learn the truth? sooner or later??

Nightfall came again, and Andrew sat at the table eating dinner with Keri. While Andrew was eating he started to get head pains and grabbed his head in pain. During the head pains, he was having flashbacks of what happened 5 years ago. He screamed in pain ?Make it stop! Please someone make it stop!? Keri rushed to his side and held his hand but Andrew continued to yell ?Please! Make it go away!?

Inside his thoughts and flashbacks, a dark shadowy substance appeared and said ?You cannot resist me Andrew? I will take you over??
Andrew struggled around and yelled ?Ahhhhhh! Please help me!? he then stopped, and his hand remained on his head. Keri kept a close eye on him.

A few minutes later he awoke and the first words out of his mouth were ?Let go of me Keri, please.? She let go of him, and he moved the hand off his head. His eyes opened, but they were different. His eyes were a shadowy mist of purple.

?N?n?no? It can?t be?? Keri said sacredly while inching backwards.

Andrew?s face turned to a smirk and said ?Oh yes, it can be. I?ve returned. And nothing will stop me this time!? he then started laughing manically. The Nightmare had returned; Enigma was back.

Enigma left the house through the door, and Keri sat on the ground shaking. A few moments later someone barged into the house; it was Catalya. Keri looked up at him, and her eyes turned hateful, and she lunged at him yelling ?Catalya!?

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:10:12
Chapter 8

Keri, while rushing at him, grabbed a small knife and was about to stab him, until he blocked her with his arm. She fell to her knees and looked down then said ?How dare you show yourself here?It?s you?re fault Andrew became Enigma again!?

Out of nowhere a soft soothing voice said ?So, it?s as I feared. He became Enigma again?

A little shocked, she looked up at him. What she saw was the face of a man she feared and hated for a long time, but what she didn?t see were the eyes that struck that same anger into her heart, meaning only one thing. ?You?re not Catalya?are you??? She said softly and hoped she was right.

The man shook his head, looked down at her, and replied ?No Keri, not anymore. It?s me, Lake. I reverted back to lake when Catalya attacked Andrew and infused this sort of Shadow Energy into him, which fortunately drained all mine.?

Keri hugged Lake tight and cried into his chest barely speaking out ?Why is this happening to him Lake? Why is it happening again??

Lake rubbed her back softly and told her ?It?s because Andrew was always the stronger of the two of us. Enigma was placed in a deep sleep when the police shot at him, which made Andrew suffer a case of memory block. I on the other hand have remembered everything. Catalya knew that Enigma was too weak to awaken alone, so he lured Andrew out, and infused his Shadow Energy into him, which slowly made Enigma awaken.? He looked at her and then said ?Keri, I need you to stay here. In the off chance Enigma returns here, we need someone to keep him here.?

She shook her head meaning no and whispered out ?I can?t?I need to find him? I promised to help him?I can?t let him get hurt again?? Keri then looked up at Lake.

Lake looked into her eyes, which were filled with tears, and said after a soft sigh ?I understand what you are feeling, but you have to promise me you?ll stay here Keri. Please.?

She looked down and nodded, saying quietly, but loud enough to be heard ?Yes sir??

He smiled and kissed her forehead, saying ?Good. I?ll be back soon. Just stay here and wait.?

?Fine, I?ll stay and wait? Keri said while grumbling to herself.

Lake rushed out of the house, thinking to himself ?Don?t worry Andrew. This time, I?ll be the one to save you. And knowing Enigma?s deep anger, I know exactly where he went?

Making sure he was gone, Keri left the house as well, running in the same direction as lake, saying to herself ?I swear Andrew; I won?t let you get hurt? not ever again.?

Meanwhile, at the Enigma Island Police Station, officers were rushing about; some working on where Catalya went after Andrew defeated him. When suddenly, a blast came through the wall. The officers stopped and stared at the smoke from the collapsed wall. Standing there was a shadowy figure which was laughing devilishly. Before the smoke cleared the figure said ?Hello officers, have you missed me?? then started laughing again.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:10:45
Chapter 9

Lake ran through the city at a quickening pace; he seemed as fast as a bullet. While at the same time, Keri was behind him, looking at the city, which had been nearly ruined by Enigma.

?I can?t believe this all happened?? she thought to herself. Keri saw she was loosing sight of Lake, so she ran faster to keep him in sight. However, Lake ran into a problem. A huge bolder had been forced into the ground making the path impassable. Keri wasn?t paying attention to where she was running, and bumped into Lake.

?Uh-oh?? she said softly to herself as Lake stood there analyzing the bolder.

?I told you to wait at the house Keri.? Lake said without turning around.

?You should know me better then that Lake. Besides, it?s too late for me to turn back. And you can?t take me back either. For all we know, Enigma could be tearing up the island? She placed her hands on her hips and turned her head to the side while saying that.

Lake groaned and mumbled out ?Fine, you can stay. God, sometimes I wonder why I-? He looked at her and stopped what he was saying ?Never mind, it?s not important.?

Meanwhile, back at the police station, the smoke had just begun to clear, revealing a tall shadowy figure who was wearing a hood over his face.

?So, who missed me?? The shadow hissed out while laughing.

Everyone in the police station gathered to that floor, some outside, and all had their guns aimed at him, with the intent to shoot if necessary. Commander Roy came down to that floor and saw the crowd of police officers scattered around the person who broke the wall down.

?Remove your hood so we can see who you are, or we will shoot.? Commander Roy said from behind the police men.

The shadow laughs slyly and said ?Now, now, now Commander Roy. You wouldn?t really shoot one of your own?? he then pulled off his hood revealing himself to be Enigma and continued to say ??Would you now??

The station stared at the person they thought was Andrew, dropped their guns and just stood there. Commander Roy, however, wasn?t fooled so easily.

?You?re not Andrew, are you?? He said in a confident tone with a hint of fear in his voice.

Enigma laughed devilishly ?You were always too smart for your own good Commander Roy Davidson. I?m sure you?ll remember me after I say this: The Great Mainland Crisis.? He then smirked at Commander Roy

?Enigma, I knew it.? Commander Roy declared. Roy had been on the Mainland when Enigma and Catalya had begun their assault barrage. As a matter of fact, he was there the day Enigma was ?Killed?. ?Why have you come back?? Roy asked loud enough to be heard the entire first floor.

Enigma, who was grinning widely at this point, placed his hand on the wall, and said ?Oh, the usual. I wanted to have fun, and what better place to start then the place I detest most? his hand glowed a bright shade of red and Black as the rest of the wall exploded, making the police station almost collapse.

?Let this be a lesson. Don?t mess with Enigma.? He yelled and flew into the sky leaving the ruins of the Police Station behind.

From under the rubble, the police officers and Commander Roy climbed out and watched as he flew off. Roy, who was pretty angry now, yelled to the force ?Let out a signal if it?s not too late! Warn all of Enigma Island that we have a Capital 1 threat on our hands! Move, move, move!?

Back in the city, Keri and Lake were trying to think of a way to get rid of the bolder that was blocking them from advancing. Then, at that moment, an idea struck Keri.

?Couldn?t you use your sword to cut the bolder in to pieces, Lake?? Keri asked confidently.

?Not a bad idea Keri.? Lake, who acknowledged the idea, pulled out his sword, and swung it at the center of the bolder, shattering it to pieces. Keri and Lake ran forward, heading for the Police Station. Once they arrived, they were in shock. Pillars were on the ground, shattered, Antennas were broken and scattered on the ground, and the building was so lopsided it looked like the Leaning Tower of Piza. Realizing what happened, they ran off into the direction they were sure Enigma would go; The Enigma Meteor.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:12:10
Chapter 10

Enigma Island was composed of five parts: The North, which was the bridge that connected to the Mainland; the center, which was consisted of the Islands biggest cities, including Catalma City; the west, which was the caves of the island; the east, which was the residential area.

And finally: the south, the beach of Enigma Island. It was also home to Enigma Meteor, a mysterious meteor that crashed on the island about 5 years ago. Legend has it that the meteor contains the power of Enigma himself when he lost his memory. Enigma had heard this rumor and rushed over to the Meteor to absorb its power.

?If this is true, I will finally regain my full power. Then I shall be unstoppable? Enigma thought to himself. He started laughing manically as he flew to the south of Enigma Island.

Meanwhile, following far behind, Keri and Lake were running after him. When suddenly, Lake remembered something.

?Keri? He said suddenly to get her attention.

?Hmm, what??

?I just remembered something important. One of my abilities. Come here Keri.? He called over to her. Keri walked back over to him and Lake whispered something to her.

Enigma had begun to close in on the meteor; he could feel the power just flowing from it.

?Yes, I feel it? the power surges from that meteor? they call to me like a mother calling to its children when I come on the hunt? Enigma started to laugh devilishly.

The meteor was in sight, and just as Enigma had stepped foot on it, an energy bolt blasted him from behind. Enigma turned to scout the area but saw nothing. But he felt a huge surge of energy explode from behind him.

[Authors Note: I honestly can?t resist? IT?S OVER 9,000!]

Enigma turned and shouted ?Show yourself! I know someone is there!? From behind him, came a slash of metal escaping a sheath. He turned quickly and pulled out his sword stopping the attack on him. He smirked at who was attacking him.

?Lake, so you did come, brother.? Enigma said while holding him back.

?I couldn?t just let you take over the Island, now could I, brother.? Lake said while holding back a laugh.

Keri was standing there, watching the two brothers fight. ?Please Lake, help him??
The final battle had begun at last.

Re: Enigma Legacy

Posted by: XD003
Date: 2008-09-26 17:12:59
Chapter 11

Enigma had pushed Lake back with his sword, thus starting the battle that would decide their fate.

?So, you?ve become as strong as before, haven?t you?? Lake asked to Enigma.

Enigma was standing there griping his sword with one hand and grinning at him. ?What did you expect, Lake. I was always the strongest? Enigma had replied to him.

Lake had recovered from the blowback and straightened himself out, and said ?Today, I?m breaking that curse set upon us. And I?m going to sever the flow of power between us.?

Lake rushed at Enigma and tried to ram his sword into his chest; however, unfortunately, Enigma had vanished to somewhere on the meteor?s dimensional plain to dodge Lake?s attack.

Lake looked around trying to find his presence but couldn?t detect it. Moments later, Enigma popped out behind him and began to slash at him. Suddenly sensing his power, Lake turned around and grabbed the sword with his hand, halting the attack.

Enigma was starting to enjoy himself ?Well, seems you?ve also gotten stronger as well brother. But you will never beat me. You hold back because of the secret. The secret of why we became the way we are.?

Lake stood there shocked that Enigma would bring that up. ?What does that have to do with any of this? he started to stutter in his question.

?It has everything to do with this.?

Enigma started laughing then impaled his left arm, wounding it severely. Lake fell to the ground and clutched at his arm then threw his head back up at Enigma and started to glare angrily at him. ?I don?t need an arm to beat you! I?ll defeat you without having to reveal that secret!? Lake rose to his feet and vanished quickly into the Meteor?s Dimensional Plain. Enigma knew what he would do next and stood there waiting.

Lake had appeared in front of Enigma and tried to slice his sword at him, but Enigma predicted this move and pushed him back with his sword, impaling his gut in the process.

Lake was blown back into a wall formed by the meteor. Blood was spilling out of his body like a river flowing into the ocean. Keri rushed from where she was to Lake and grabbed onto him. She then fixated her gaze on Enigma, who had started to rise into the sky to regain his full power. Lake thought to himself ?I actually have to tell the secret then. Heh, so much for letting the past die?

?I fell in love and betrayed my brother?

Enigma had heard that and gazed down at Lake. Keri had also turned her eyes from Enigma to Lake. He had his head held low and stopped squirming from the pain.

?Repeat that, Lake.? Keri had asked him.

?Oh yes Lake, do tell her everything.? Enigma said while laughing.

Lake kept his head held low and repeated what he said, but explained more. ?I fell in love with someone and betrayed Andrew to learn the truth?

?And who was this girl?? Keri asked, fearing she knew the answer. Lake didn?t reply, but Enigma did.

?It was you dear Keri. He betrayed Andrew to learn the truth?

Keri inched back a bit still shocked. Her ears were repeating the same phrase over and over.

?In a way, you were the cause we became the way we are. We couldn?t kill you before because that little human side of us held us back. But my power right now has all but wiped every trace from Andrew from this body, meaning?
I have no more use for you?

Enigma raised his hand up to strike at Keri, who was cowering back in fear. He blasted a huge Energy Bolt from his hands at her. The bolt traveled at a quickening speed. The bolt has reached its destination and a huge cloud of dust and smoke appeared.

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Chapter 12

Everything began to play in slow motion for Keri. As she cowered backwards in fear, she began to remember the past.

The day she met Lake and Andrew she was 7, Lake was 8, Andrew was 9. Their parents were close in the past. As they grew older, their bonds grew stronger. Those 3 were always seen together.

By the time Keri was 13 years old, she had developed close feelings for Andrew, but she told nobody. Andrew was 15 at the time and Lake was 14. Both Andrew and Lake went off to far away places to find new and interesting stuff. Lake and Andrew were set to go off on a trip to a very far away place, and wouldn?t be back for weeks. So as a memory item, the 3 of them took a picture of them standing next to each other. It was after that day that nothing was the same again.

Keri sat in their apartment building watching TV like she mostly always did, when a knock came on the door. She opened it up, and 2 men walked into the room. She looked at them and they looked exactly like Andrew and Lake, but they weren?t; there was a strange dark aura around them. From that day on, Enigma, which was Andrew, and Catalya, which was Lake, had begun to attack the mainland.

Keri had been afraid of what might happen to them, so she always followed them to where they went. She hid behind buildings and quietly wished to herself that things would go back to the way they were before. Then that day came when her wish came half-true

?Have you seen this Catalya? Enigma asked while pointing to the TV, ?They are hosting a festival in the city later?

Catalya replied ?Seems like a place to have some fun. What do you say Brother, shall we crash the party??

?Indeed, it sounds like a fun idea. Very well, let?s go have ourselves some fun.? Enigma had turned the TV off and walked out the door with Catalya. Keri made sure to wait till they were nearly gone and ran after them.

She had arrived just on time, but there was no parade, it was a police trap set by Field Sergeant Roy Davidson to capture or kill Enigma and Catalya.

Enigma and Catalya started to descend from the sky to face the police choppers with a huge bazooka-like weapon facing them.

?Hmph, what a nuisance. Enigma, how shall we dispose of these pathetic pests?? Catalya said with a large smirk on his face expecting what his brothers? answer would be.

Enigma tilted his head to the side, his black hair flowing in the wind, and replied to him ?I have a fun idea. Why don?t we just blow them all up, like this.? He held his hand out to a chopper and launched a huge energy blast at it, sending the chopper to the ground in flames.

Keri had taken her eyes off them for a second and looked at the Field Sergeant Roy Davidson as he sent out this command ?Use the special weapon to attack Enigma and Catalya now! Make sure neither of them survives!? Keri looked back up at Catalya and Enigma to see what happened.

The helicopter gunner took aim at Catalya and fired at him. Being the older brother, and acting on brotherly instinct, Enigma had jumped in the way of the bullet and got hit to the head. The bullet lodged its way inside Enigma?s head but didn?t go all the way through. Enigma collapsed into Catalya?s arms unconscious. Keri literally fell to her knees, shaking in fear.

Catalya was angry now, his eyes glowed a shade of red; it looked like the setting sky painted blood red. He held his hand up to the remaining chopper and blew it out of the sky with a large energy blast. As it collided into the ground it burst into flames.

Field Sergeant Roy Davidson ordered a retreat to Enigma Island Bridge. He took his own personal chopper back to the base on Enigma Island.

Catalya landed on the ground and looked at his unconscious brother. You could tell he was feeling regret because tears started to show from his eyes.

Keri ran over to Catalya from behind the building. She came to a sudden stop in front of him and looked at the two of them. Lake had worked his way out into the open of controlling his body and gave Keri an order while looking at Enigma.

?Take Andrew and run Keri? Run to Enigma Island? where no one will recognize him??

?Are you sure Lake, will you be ok??? She asked worriedly. The sky grew dark and it began to storm heavily on the Mainland and on Enigma Island.

Lake kept his head down and replied ?Take him Keri? There?s no hope for me now? He will regain control of himself? While I?m doomed to remain as Catalya??

Keri nodded and took Enigma into her arms and she gazed at the wound on his head, which had already healed up and left a small scar.

Before she ran off with Enigma she called out to Lake who had started to fly off ?Good luck Lake?? and she then ran off to the Enigma Bridge.

The downpour had gotten worse, it seemed as if a hurricane was striking the mainland, but Keri still ran forward. She had arrived at the bridge, looked back, and shut her eyes thinking ?Goodbye old life?? She then turned around and ran across the bridge as if her life depended on it.

She reached half way when suddenly she ran into the entire Mainland Police Brigade. One of the police members walked up to her and tried to take Enigma from her, but she pulled back.

?Miss, that?s a highly wanted criminal you have, I suggest you hand him-?the police office started to say but was cut off by Keri?s screaming.

?You won?t lay your hands on Andrew!?

With that yell, Enigma?s eyes opened. They looked as white as freshly fallen snow. Within moments, a strong blast of power sent the entire brigade into the unrest ocean and sent the helicopters crashing into the bridge. At that very same moment that happened, a meteor fell from the sky, and crashed down south of Enigma Island Beach.

The storm grew stronger and thunder could heard in the distance. Keri ran faster to reach the island where they could escape.

About 10 minutes later she reached the bridges end but continued to run. She ran through the developing area of Catalma City. She got battered by rainfall, bruised from the scaffolding, and dirty from running through the mud, but still she ran. She ran past the police station which was bustling with the arrival of Field Sergeant Roy Davidson, who had been promoted to Chief of Police. She ran past everything she saw, and finally, she stopped. She stopped in front of a large 2 story house on the huge eastern residential side of the island. She quickly unlocked the door and made her way inside, which surprisingly, had all their belongings already there. She laid Enigma on the couch and quickly ran into the kitchen to get an Ice pack for his head, and then ran into the cupboards to get a blanket to cover him with. When she was done, she moved the chair close to him and sat there watching him. She refused to get up to dry herself, to bandage herself, to clean herself, she just sat there for hours watching him. And finally, he awoke.

She looked over at him with relieved eyes, and then hugged him tightly.

He started to respond weakly ?Keri?? Is that you???

She nodded and let go of him, then stared into his eyes which had returned to their normal shade of color.

?What happened Keri?? I feel like I was trounced by a bull dowser?? He said while trying to get up.

Keri pushed him back down and told him ?You were hurt badly on the Mainland. You were at a parade and there was an attack. You got caught in the middle of it and got shot in the head. You probably have amnesia, meaning you?ve totally forgotten the ordeal?

Andrew nodded ?Yeah, I have.? He said. It was still storming outside; it had to be one of the biggest storms to hit the Mainland and Enigma Island in a long time.

From then on, Keri and Andrew led normal lives. Andrew got a job at the Enigma Island Police department as a field worker. Keri stayed at home taking care of the place. All was well? until Catalya reappeared. Andrew defeated Catalya and retired from Field Work and went to the Data department to do work at home to spend more time with Keri. And all was fine again? then this all happened.

Those words repeated in her head from Enigma ?It?s all your fault Keri.? Over and over, like a broken record player, that phrase stuck in her head.

She thought as tears started to streak her cheek ?If it?s truly my fault? then they?d be better off without me??

The energy blast closed on her like a homing missile. Just seconds away from colliding, a tall figure stood in front of her protecting her. Then dust and smoke formed and scattered around them making it hard for her to see to see just who rescued her.

?Keri? You?ve always been there for me, now it?s my turn to be there for you? the figure said with a soft voice.

She looked up at the familiar voice, trying to identify who it was. Then she came to the realization of who it was. Her eyes widened with excitement as she anticipated it.

?It is you, isn?t it?? She thought to herself as the smoke and dust cleared

?Andrew!? her mind yelled as she saw his tall figure in front of her crouched body, protecting her from the blast.