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Glitch story-Chapter 1 - Page 1

Glitch story-Chapter 1

Posted by: Arceus Trainer
Date: 2008-12-11 00:08:13
As my pixels shifted,I looked in awe to see the magnificant face of the morning sky. My face was blank,bare of eyes or face.My "Skin" if you would call it that,had a stair like structure.It was dyed orange and purple.I looked over to see my corner pixel was missing.I got up,and floated off to retreve the missing limb.As I soared over the island,my home,I saw-Who else?-My good friend Missingno.As I prepared a soft landing for the beach sand,Missingno. looked up at me,his eyes filled with glee.As i threw myself onto the sand,I ended up stumbling and fell.My face was in the sand,just lying there,and I tried to get up.

"Little help,Please?"I mumbled into the ground.

"Sureā€¦"Missingno. replied,and lifted me out of the dense matter covering my face.


"Your welcome."

I shook myself,my pixels scattering,then withdrawing.

"Whoah.Theres a piece of you missing."Missingno. said.

"Yeah.My corner pixel is gone."I sighed with a feminene tone.

"Is this it?"Missingno pulled out a, orange and purple colored block.It floated back to its space on me.

"Yeah!Thanks,I owe ya 2!"I said.

(End chapter 1)

Re: Glitch story-Chapter 1

Posted by: atoms2ashes
Date: 2008-12-11 03:39:41
Let me guess, the character is 'M?

It's very obvious, since "M evolves into a Kangaskhan.