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The Strange tale of Nathan - Page 1

The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: boxman
Date: 2009-01-10 23:02:15
I'm doing something Productive now, to balance out Studying Decamarks, when I'm not researching I'll get off my lazy but and do something Creative. Rather than study Decamarks…I'm going to write about them! *Many Groans from audience*

Chapter 1: A Little Backstory

The sun shined like a 12 Giga Watt lightbulbs, as the the Spearow sang in the distance. In the sky, a few Venomoth flew overhead, and Rattata scuttled along the ground.

This, was Viridian Forest.

The Teenager took a deep breath and took in the scenery, slinging his leather Jacket over his shoulder. This kid's full name was Nathan E. Kronenberg, to most just the apprentice to Blaine, Gym Leader of Cinnibar Island. For this he was well respected, simply because it was such a high role that he would be undertaking in the Future.

Yet, Nathan had a true title that only the Elite Four and few others knew of, he was a hunter of the Elusive Decamark category of Pokemon. This elite society was only open to the greatest Scientists in the Kanto. Because his Father, was a renowned, Nathan was in the Union of Decamark hunters, capturing, researching and studying this Endangered type of Pokemon, before they are extinct. Most people didn't even know Decamarks existed, the Government kept this under wraps, not wanting the the general populace to to kill the last of them. Mostly, if a normal human sighted a Decamark, they had to be lied to that it was a normal Pokemon, their imagination, just twisting it. It was strange for Nathan, though, a Curly Haired Teen of Frail stature to take pant in such a important and sometimes, even dangerous role. Yet if you knew Nathan, you knew he had above average IQ that allowed him to slip out of tight spots.

"Well, this is it, a Decamark's been sighted here, and I'm the one who must find it. It could take days to find this thing." Nathan shook his head, but then in a swing, smirked, "I love my job."

Whipping out a small, Portable Radar like device, Nathan flipped the switch on it, and began walking. This device was a GigaSonic Searcher, GS for short, some times called "G-Shark" for the noise it makes when flipped on. The device studies Pokemon cries in the vicinity to pinpoint the Cry of a Decamark. The Radar points in that direction, and, as you get closer, a small beeping noise sounds, the faster the pace the closer the Decamark.

As the G-Shark turned on, a Mechanical Whir was made, it sounded like Jaws when the massive shark attacked. Birds flocked at the sound, and it always gave Nathan a jump. Yet, it turned to a small humming noise about a second later, and with that, Nathan sped off into the forest, the thrill of the hunt flowing through him.

I know, what you're thinking, how am I going to get around what a Decamark looks like. Well, don't worry, I have plans for that.

Hope everyone caught the Gameshark reference….

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: Axaj
Date: 2009-01-11 09:29:37
Nice.  Are the Decamarks going to be flat or spherical?

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: boxman
Date: 2009-01-11 10:14:15

Nice.  Are the Decamarks going to be flat or spherical?

lol no.

I'm taking Names, Abilities, Types, and Evolutions to make them as Real Pokemon-ish as possible. I can't imagine what spawned a Floating Questionmark anyway.

Chapter 2: Meet the Team

"In dense Forest, this is exactly the place for a Decamark, not even those whiny Bug Catchers come here." Nathan rubbed his hands together, the GS was making a sparse Beeping noise, so, whatever the Decamark is, its here.

However, finding it would have to wait, Nathan's stomach moaned, he would have to stop here and now. The Teen put the GS in front of him as he sat on the ground, then, Tossed 3 Pokeballs into the air to release his compatriots on every mission.

The First, and oldest on Nathan's Team, was Nightmare, a Crawdaunt, the Lobster Yawned as he came out of the Pokeball, his Armor was scared from battles before, and as Nathan's Oldest Ally, he had seen it all.

The Second was a Young Mantine, Named Tampa, he had only been on Nathan's team for 2 Weeks, yet he seemed Young, and constantly flying around on his Fins, which doubled as wings. Tampa, Named after an Ancient City found on a Peninsula in Hoenn, is a strange case, he Evolved from a Decamark being studied in the Lab, which explains Tampa's One move, Thunder Punch.

The Third was a strange case, it appeared to be floating stone Head, with Four sides, each displaying a different expression, the default of these though, was Anger. Around this Tiki like head, were a Pair of Psychicly Floating Hands, imbued with Electric Power.

This, was Outrage, an Outrageous looking Decamark, and the Strongest on Nathan's team, Outrage was the Second Member to join, and thus, is also exceedingly Strong, like Nightmare.

Nathan smiled, "Ok, guys, its Snaking time!", Everyone was happy with that notion, Tampa, flew around in Loop, and Nightmare let out a victorious Roar.

Even Nightmare, who did not eat because it was Made of Stone, swirled its Stone Head around to show the Happy Expression.

With everyone agreeing to eat, Nathan pulled out a bag of Heath Bars to snack on. No Human, or Pokemon could resist one of those, after all, the Pokemon and him just needed a Snack, they had stopped at a Hardees in Viridian City before then.

Yet as they were eating something odd happened, the GS, it started Beeping faster, and faster, despite them not moving!

Dun, Dun, Dun! Anyway, lots of cool Product Placement in this Chapter, oh, and if you want to get a better example of what Outrage looks like, check out this video at around 1:13.

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: Guy
Date: 2009-01-11 11:14:57
Wait, so they're neither flat or spherical? Anyway, 
this story looks cool, I'll probably check this often. Good job!

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: boxman
Date: 2009-01-11 11:37:46

Wait, so they're neither flat or spherical? Anyway, 
this story looks cool, I'll probably check this often. Good job!

Nope, I'm making them all Pokemon in their own right, just look at my Discription for OUTRAGE.

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: boxman
Date: 2009-01-24 01:03:07
Chapter 3: In hot Pursuit

The 3 Pokemon, as well as Nathan watched as the beeping of the GS got louder and louder. Just as it reached maximum, a sonic boom was heard in the distance and a jet black blur Zoomed by!

Nathan quickly called back Tampa, "He'll never last in a fight with this…" Nathan sighed hastily, Nightmare roared in anger, and OUTRAGE's stone head turned to the "Surprised" side.

Meanwhile the Blur seemed to skid along the air, slowing down at at a nearby Pumkin bush. The Blur was indeed a Decamark, it was PURSUIT, a steel and flying type, that appeared to be a living Stealth Bomber. The name comes from the supersonic speeds it travels at. Yet the weirdest thing about PURSUIT was its ability, Chlorophyll, yet PURSUIT's Plating was actually a mutated kind of Chlorophyll, that produces fuel rather than plant food. Perfect for a Mech-like being such as PURSUIT.

"Okay, get back here Nightmare, this is OUTRAGE's Battle." Nathan yelled to the crawfish, who didn't seem to be very pleased at the notion. Yet it was true, though Nightmare was older, OUTRAGE was stronger. The tiki took no haste to weakening the unsuspecting PURSUIT, which was ambushed by a ThunderPunch.

The Decamark was confused and dazed by the hit, which left Nathan one option, use his item of choice, the Sliph Co. M.A.S.T.E.R. Ball, which was made for catching super-strong pokemon, like Decamarks. The PURSUIT was easily caught, making this the quickest mission in a while.

"Alright guys, our plane leaves Viridian Airport in 45. Min, lets get a move on!" Nathan smirked, as he notioned his two Pokemon for follow…

I promise the battle will be better next time, it's just that I didn't want to overextend the Chapter.

Re: The Strange tale of Nathan

Posted by: agusganog
Date: 2009-01-25 16:29:23
Wow. I really like what your doing with this. Keep it up!